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General questions:

What is AppsFlyer?

AppsFlyer is a Mobile Apps Marketing platform that helps App-Developers, Brands and Ad-Agencies track and optimize their users’ acquisition funnel. In other words, AppsFlyer helps Mobile App advertisers understand their success when driving loyal users to install their app.

On every app installation or conversion, AppsFlyer will determine which ad-network or source generated the install and credit that source allowing our clients to understand which media source delivers them profitable users.

How does it work?

Once AppsFlyer’s SDK is integrated, you will be able track app installations and in-app conversions.  It is a “one-stop shop” so no need for SDKs from each media source anymore.

Using your unique app link, you can setup promotional campaigns and AppsFlyer will track any traffic source for you – ad-networks, social networks, email, text messages, mobile-web, mobile-apps or QR codes.

Our real-time dashboard reporting is as fast as the speed of light, providing all the information you need to view and optimize in real-time.

Why is it good?

AppsFlyer allows you to track any installation and post-install engagement coming from any source. We are integrated with more than 500 of the world’s top media partners including Ad networks, discovery platforms, Ad agencies, RTB’s, DSP’s, Exchanges, PMD’s and social networks.  You can promote your app anywhere and track it with AppsFlyer.

Our easy to understand dashboard shows exactly what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to optimize, get more loyal users and increase revenue. Topping the charts in the App Store and Google Play is crucial for many apps and we get clients there simply because they can optimize in real time.

How do I get started?

Signup for an account, get a tracking link, integrate the SDK (one line of code) and you are ready to go. Simple as that!

Is there any effect on my app?

In one word – NO!

More details:

What kind of data does AppsFlyer provide?

AppsFlyer reports include clicks, downloads and any in-app conversion coming from any source. AppsFlyer’s campaigns analytics tells you exactly what works, allowing you to optimize based on source, creative, ad-networks, targeting and any parameter you can think of.

Performance reports include ROI (Return On Investment) and LTV (Life Time Value) allow you to focus on sources that deliver profitable users. All data is available via API’s, real time dashboard and reports.

Which platforms does AppsFlyer support?

Web apps, iOS, Android, Amazon Appstore, other app stores and stand alone apps. Windows phone 8 is coming soon.

Is it in real time?

Yes. Our reports, charts and API’s are in real time!

Can I track cross promotions between apps?

Yes. You can track ANY traffic sources including social networks, QR codes, email, SMS and web apps.

Can I work directly with other Publishers, Affiliates and Ad-networks?

Yes. Just generate a unique link and start tracking downloads and post-download conversion generated from the source.
You can work with multiple Ad Agencies and provide access to the reports only relevant to them.

Can AppsFlyer report installs and conversions back to ad-networks and publishers?

Yes. We are integrated with a large number of networks. We can integrate with any network/publisher that can receive server to server conversion postbacks.

Does AppsFlyer support Apple advertising ID (IDFA)?

Yes. Starting from SDK V2.5.1.9.

Starting from SDK v2.3.5.6 IDFA collection is optional. See here.

Which tracking methods AppsFlyer uses?

In Android, AppsFlyer uses the Google Play referrer parameter with fingerprinting and ID bases attribution technology backup.

For iOS, AppsFlyer runs NativeTrack™, a proprietary, patent-pending, set of heuristic algorithms combined with statistical analysis and machine learning, to analyze multiple data points from the device, fingerprints, traffic, profilers, carrier, application and others, to statistically determine, on an anonymous basis, the likely unique user of the device, app download and conversion. We assign an internal unique user identifier to the user profile developed for that individual. This user identifier is not based on a UDID or MAC address, and is completely anonymized. In addition, AppsFlyer supports ID based attribution when available, combined with fingerprinting providing the most accurate mobile attribution without compromising user experience or accuracy.

While PC browser and Android device fingerprints are pretty unique, the situation with iOS devices is different. AppsFlyer was the first to apply what the industry refers to as device fingerprinting. According to the data we collected over time, we developed something that goes beyond device fingerprinting. NativeTrack™ is proved to provide the most accurate conversion and installation tracking for native applications.

Do I have to integrate AppsFlyer’s SDK?

Yes. We know it’s usually a pain – not here! You will never have to integrate another tracking SDK again.
Our SDK is ultra-light (40kb) and the integration is literally a line of code.
This one time integration allows you to work with any ad-network and publisher and get the download & in-app conversion data in real time.

Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

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