IDFA is Now Officially Allowed For Attribution


Apple has updated its terms that allowed IDFA collection only for apps that show ads. Apple is now allowing app developers to collect and use the IDFA for attribution which is great news for the industry (and Apple).

Apple was always concerned about the quality of ads in the iOS ecosystem, however taking the IDFA out has the opposite effect. Without proper measurement, ad quality decreases as advertisers have no idea which ads are working and which are not. We also saw that in order to have legit access to IDFAs, developers started to serve ads even if they didn’t initially plan to. This didn’t make any sense for anybody, including Apple.

AppsFlyer Just Raised $7.1M Round A

We wanted to share with you that we just raised a $7.1M A round from Pitango Venture Capital and Magma Venture Partners.

In the last 2.5 years, AppsFlyer’s NativeTrack™ technology has rapidly become the industry standard for mobile attribution at scale. AppsFlyer is now measuring billions of mobile actions monthly and global top tier app publishers are using our technology. Our SDK’s are now installed on more than 800 million mobile devices, measuring more than $500M in mobile ad spend annually.

MWC Barcelona 2014 – Mobile Marketing Party – AppsFlyer

What better time than the Mobile World Congress to turn the spotlight on User Acquisition and discuss latest innovations in Mobile App Marketing.

AppsFlyer is delighted to invite you to our Mobile Marketing Party !

International app developers, marketing experts, startup founders, and industry leaders will join together at the Mobile Marketing Party to discuss strategies, tools, and mobile user acquisition tips. Join us for this unique opportunity at Marmalade, a Barcelona favorite, to enjoy an open bar, tapas, demos, and network with the best in the industry.

Apple Rejecting Apps That Collect IDFA (IFA) But Do Not Show Ads

[Update Apr 11, 2014 – IDFA is Now Officially Allowed For Attribution]

[Updated Feb 6, 2014]

We just got off the phone with Apple and received the latest update regarding the issue.

To make it simple and without speculation:

1. If you show ads in your app, you are not affected.

2. If you don’t show ads in your app, you should update to the latest AF iOS SDK and don’t include AdSupport.framework. AF iOS SDK will not collect IDFA in case AdSupport.framework is not included in your project.

AppsFlyer Supports Facebook’s Call To Action Mobile Engagement Ads

In May 2013, AppsFlyer’s mobile app discovery research mobile app discovery research found that social media was the top channel for app marketing.

Now, to continue to enable app marketers to take advantage of this highly effective social channel, AppsFlyer announces full support for Facebook’s new Mobile App Ads for Engagement and Conversion launched this week via the AppsFlyer’s NativeTrack™ SDK.

AppsFlyer is Hiring !

AppsFlyer is hiring and it’s a good opportunity to share the things we believe in, our status, our vision and what are we looking for.

Our Beliefs:

    1. Growth is a company asset. Generating and supporting it over time is the team’s mission.
    2. We encourage maximizing employees’ hidden potential.
    3. We are proud of our creation, and we deliver it with our own personal signature on it.
    4. With the right team, turning AppsFlyer into a billion dollar company is right around the corner.
    5. We like super smart, out-of-the-box, fearless team players.
    6. Working for a corporate is riskier to your career than working for a small startup.
    7. Making mistakes is human and a crucial part of learning.
    8. Learning is endless.
    9.  “Entrepreneur” is a character type, not an occupation. We look for true entrepreneurs!
    10. Our clients are the most important thing. We have our clients in mind in every decision we make.
    11. Success is never accidental.
    12. We protect our time in the same way in which we protect our bank account.
    13. We look forward to coming to work every single day! Work should be fun, challenging and satisfying.
    14. “Just do it” – is a way of life.
    15. Every project starts with a thought.

    Our status:

    AppsFlyer’s NativeTrack™ technology is rapidly becoming the industry standard for mobile attribution at scale. Our traffic almost doubles itself every month. Our platform is now measuring billions of mobile actions monthly, and global top tier app publishers are using the technology. Our SDK’s are now installed on more than 500 million devices, measuring more than $100M in mobile media annually. AppsFlyer is profitable and funded by leading VC.

Special Offer – Facebook Credit for AppsFlyer Customers

Special Offer for AppsFlyer Users:

Many of our customers have found success using Facebook mobile app install ads to grow their app. In our recently published Mobile App Discovery Research we found that Facebook mobile app install ads was the single most effective driver of high quality users at large volumes (better than other ad networks, app discovery platforms, cross-sell, and incentivized download services).

AppsFlyer Q1 2013 Mobile App Discovery Report

Mobile App Discovery: Know Your Channels

In the first quarter of 2013, the most common channels to promote and advertise mobile apps were: (1) Ad Networks, (2) App Discovery Platforms, (3) Cross Sell, (4) Incentivized Traffic, (5) Search, and (6) Social (in alphabetical order).


    1. Ad Networks: Ad networks place your ads on other publishers’ mobile and web apps
    2. App Discovery Platforms: Ad Networks which specialize in mobile app discovery
    3. Cross Sell: Placing ads for your app on another, complementary app, usually within the same publisher and segment
    4. Incentivized Ad Networks: Ad networks offering users an incentive (free offering, game credits) to download your app
    5. Search: Users discovering your app via mobile search
    6. Social: Marketing mobile apps on social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter), through user invites and other social app discovery platforms

    To help app marketers find the right channels to promote and advertise their apps, AppsFlyer analyzed billions of events across channels, geographies, app categories and user segments during the 1st quarter of 2013 in order to help make sense of the chaos that is mobile app marketing.

AppsFlyer’s New Integration with Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

Introducing AppsFlyer’s New Integration with Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

AppsFlyer ( is excited to announce that it is now an official Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner. Starting today, AppsFlyer’s clients will be able to run Facebook mobile app install ads, while leveraging AppsFlyer’s campaign measurement for in-depth campaign analytics.

Apps and Beer


We are excited to invite you to the first Mobile Mobile Apps & Beer!

During the event we will mix the main aspects in Mobile Apps: Development, UI/UX, Marketing, Monetization and Funding. Yes, that’s a lot! And yes – the next big app will have a good mix of those.

Each speaker will take 10 minutes to share his/her experience, story or insight.