Join the AppsFlyer Rocketship for the Journey of a Lifetime” – A special letter from AppsFlyer’s CEO & Co-founder, Oren Kaniel


Global Open Positions:


Israel Office


Business, Support & Operations Positions:


VP Sales – Herzliya, Israel

Sales Executive – Herzliya, Israel

Business Development Manager – Herzliya, Israel

Account & Success Manager – Herzliya, Israel

Product Manager – Herzliya, Israel

Director of Global Tech Support – Herzliya, Israel

Tech Support Team Leader – Herzliya, Israel

Professional Services & Support Engineer – Herzliya, Israel

IT Manager – Herzliya, Israel


R&D Positions:


Full Stack Developer – Herzliya, Israel

Backend Developer – Herzliya, Israel

Devops Engineer – Herzliya, Israel

Front-end Tech Lead – Herzliya, Israel

Senior Backend Developer – Herzliya, Israel


US Office


Regional VP – San Francisco, US

Director of Sales – San Francisco, US

Director of Support – San Francisco, US

Sales Executive – San Francisco, US

Account & Success Manager – San Francisco, US

Professional Services & Support Engineer – San Francisco, US

Account & Success Manager – New York, US

Director of Sales – New York, US


China Office


General Manager – Beijing, China

Director of Sales & Business Development – Beijing, China

Professional Services & Support Engineer – Beijing, China

Account & Success Manager – Beijing, China


Japan Office


Country Manager – Tokyo, Japan

Account & Success Manager – Tokyo, Japan


Korea Office


Country Manager – Seoul, Korea

Account & Success Manager – Seoul, Korea


India Office


Country Manager – New Delhi, India


Australia Office


Country Manager – Sydney, Australia

Account & Success Manager – Sydney, Australia


Brazil Office


Country Manager – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Account & Success Manager – Sao Paulo, Brazil