SDK & Hashing Authentication

Secure, post-compilation SDK and hashing validation block out fraudulent install events, replayed events and rehashing before a single install or event is recorded.

Protects Against

Server-based click and install fraud
Man-in-the-middle attacks
Rebroadcast postbacks

SiteID and IP Blacklisting

Blocks IP addresses and SiteIDs identified as actively perpetrating click or install fraud.

Protects Against

Click and install fraud from server-based simulators
Sub-publishers actively perpetrating fraud


Powered by DeviceRank, blocks click, install and revenue attribution from devices known to be fraudulent.

Protects Against

Click and install fraud from device farms
Known bad actors, by informing the SiteID and IP blacklists

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CTIT, Conversion and Multi-Touch Analyses

Analyzes click-to-install-time, click-to-install conversion rates and multi-touch contribution rates to identify and address aberrant distribution trends at the publisher and sub-publisher level.

Install and Receipt Validation

Validates installs (on iOS) and revenue transactions (iOS and Android) with The App Store/Google Play.

Protects against

Fraudulent installs
Fraudulent in-app engagement
Fraudulent revenue events

Validation Rules (beta)

This proprietary capability allows marketers to define when installs should not be attributed based on a number of parameters, including fraud data. Settings include composition or scale of installs with specific DeviceRank ratings and CTIT thresholds. All settings are fully transparent to networks.

Live Alerts

Notifies the right members of your team via email, Slack or the AppsFlyer mobile app when specific events or thresholds are met, such as a high concentration of, or a large number of new devices based on DeviceRankTM ratings.

Protects against

Emerging sources of click and install fraud

Machine Learning

Machine learning continuously updates the entire platform, including sub-publisher fraud blacklists and DeviceRank ratings with each new engagement, helping to detect new sources of fraud faster and remove false positives. Flags aberrant trends for further internal fraud analysis.

Protects against

Emerging sources of fraud and expedites platform protection against new types of fraud

Advanced Fraud Reporting

Detailed reporting on all fraud activity, as well savings due to fraud protection. A dedicated fraud activity and benchmarks dashboard allows marketers to dive deeper, identifying where they are most vulnerable so they can take corrective action with their network partners as well as through Validation Rules and Live Alerts.

In addition to rejected install postbacks and raw data logs for integrated partners, marketers can enable transparent fraud reporting, granting their ad network partners access full fraud analysis of their traffic. This helps ad networks ensure that they are sending only high-quality, legitimate traffic and avoids the headache of billing reconciliations.

Protects against

Emerging sources of install and click fraud
Lengthy reconciliation negotiations