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4 New Ways To Boost Your Performance with Audiences

Jon Burg Nov 22, 2017

You expect to be able to measure every mobile datapoint and customer interaction. However, putting this data to work is often a manual process. Audiences automates your segmentation and activation, dynamically syncing your audience segments with integrated partners. With the addition of click, impression and rich in-app event data, the Audiences platform is now more powerful than ever.

Here are four new ways you can use click, impression and rich in-app event data in Audiences to improve your performance, today.

  1. Retarget users who clicked but aren’t converting
    Sometimes, users are interested in your apps and have even shown intent, but aren’t ready to download just yet. Sometimes, they need more convincing. Other times, they may choose to wait for a wifi connection, until they finish the article they were reading or game they were playing – and get distracted along the way. As a marketer, every dollar you spend should drive measureable incrementality (additional growth).

    Users that clicked on or interacted with your ads but didn’t install are ripe for retargeting. Setup Audiences of users who clicked on your ads in the last 7 days, and retarget them to improve your conversions.

  2. A/B test retargeting based on clicks
    Building on the idea of retargeting users who clicked but aren’t converting, you can use Audiences to A/B test your retargeting ads and optimize your performance. Simply segment your Audiences into A and B groups using any desired parameter, and run distinct retargeting campaigns and messages against them. Measure their performance right in the AppsFlyer dashboard to determine the optimal click-based retargeting messaging.
  3. Drive purchase activity based on detailed in-app activity
    Increase purchase activity by creating and syncing Audiences based on rich-in app events. For example:
    – target users in San Francisco who recently looked at pre-owned 2015 Toyota Prius vehicles with relevant ads for the car make, model and city
    – target customers who completed 2 in-app purchases in the last 90 days with your Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals
    – target users who recently abandoned high-value shopping carts by showing them ads based on the items they abandoned, or a drive-to purchase coupon
  4. Boost engagement using rich in-app events in your targeting
    Use your rich in-app events as a signal when building your Audiences to increase engagement. For example:
    – target users who recently downloaded your app, completed a tutorial but haven’t opened your app in the last few days to reactive them
    – target gamers who advanced far into a game, but have recently gone silent with a re-engagement ad showing new game features, or the next level
    – target users who launched your app in the last 90 days, and watched an entire episode of a particular program, with ads promoting the next episode in the series

The possibilities are truly endless. To learn more about Audiences, speak with your AppsFlyer success manager or schedule a demo today.