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Adobe and AppsFlyer Join Forces to Help You Find Your Golden Users

Danielle Blumenstyk Peterman Aug 14, 2017

Understanding how modern customers shop and engage with brands via mobile apps is critical to providing a competitive, omnichannel experience for your users. In order to help marketers advance their capabilities, AppsFlyer joined forces with digital giant Adobe for an enlightening webinar on acquiring and engaging your most profitable mobile app users.

The webinar was co-presented by two mobile marketing experts: Dave Dickson, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Mobile at Adobe, and Ben Roodman, Director of Partner Development here at AppsFlyer.

In the webinar, Dave and Ben offered insights on which activities drive the best user interaction in apps, in addition to ideal acquisition sources, and how to apply these insights to your mobile strategy to deepen engagement and increase revenue.

Among the topics covered in the webinar:

  • Understanding what activities drove downloads and engagement, including the cost-per-install and cost-per-action
  • How to use this information to help you acquire the most profitable and loyal users, and how the combined Adobe + AppsFlyer solutions can help you reach that goal

Experiences matter more than ever in mobile. In terms of engaging customers, it’s all about crafting an experience that is exciting enough to effectively move them down the funnel. This offers both opportunities and challenges to you as marketers.

Apps excel in driving user engagement, far more so than mobile web. This means that while acquiring users is challenging because an install is required, on average app users spend 20X more time in apps than mobile web visitors. So apps are the best way for you to engage your most loyal users on a regular basis, and turn new users into loyal ones thanks to a superior user experience.


However, as we know mobile apps suffer from high uninstall rates, as nine out of ten users stop engaging within the first seven days after installing an app. This app fatigue is caused by the overwhelming amount of apps available to users is a challenge mobile marketers simply can’t afford to ignore.

At the same time, 80% of marketers feel that mobile is not properly measured, and 50% of marketers admit that they are not properly measuring their app engagement or ROI.

So how can you, as app marketers, deliver a high quality experience to your users, optimize your user acquisition and increase your ROI?

Click here to listen to the full webinar, including specific case studies demonstrating how the combined Adobe + AppsFlyer solutions created significant uplift for our clients.