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Looking for a 360 degree attribution and mobile measurement solution for your clients? Look no further.

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Attribute Every Dollar of Revenue to the Ad That Drove It

As an official measurement partner of 3,000+ media partners, including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest, we will automatically attribute every install to the right campaign, measure user-engagement, and report this information back to networks for optimization as needed. This is fully integrated and automated - you never need to worry about custom postback configurations or adding new network SDKs.

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Demonstrate Your Ads’ Impact with OmniChannel Measurement

Your customers always have their phone within reach - making mobile an optimal channel for understanding the omnichannel impact of your ads and app installs. We start by attributing every app install to the right marketing campaign. We then connect your mobile app installs, mobile engagement and mobile sales with your retail sales, online activity and customer loyalty programmes to demonstrate the omnichannel impact of your ads.

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Quantify your TV Ads ROI

Our integrated TV attribution solution makes it easy to see which app installs were driven by each and every TV ad. By measuring the value of these installs, agencies can easily determine the ROI of each TV spot and ad buy, and optimize accordingly.

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Protect your Proprietary Processes

Our unique setup for agencies makes it easy to share your performance data with clients, without giving away your media partners or proprietary information. Built for large agencies and big advertisers, our flexible permissions allow you to control what data you share, and with whom.

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Automated Deduplication, Multi-touch and Custom Attribution Windows

Due to our deep connections with 2,000+ media partners, we are able to attribute every install to the campaign that drove the last touch. Our multi-touch solutions allow advertisers to determine which networks “assisted” each install, even if they didn’t drive the last click. And our custom attribution windows make it easy for advertisers to define a limited “lookback” window, ideal for limited-time promotions.

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Enable Best-In-Breed Platforms Without Adding SDKS - Retargeting, Analytics and More

Our Universal SDK allows you to add any of over 3,000 partners - including retargeting networks, DMPs, DSPs, trading desks, push messaging, product analytics suites, anti-fraud solutions and more - without adding their SDK. With just one click, you can sync your data through our pre-configured integrations, and you are live and ready to go.

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Solutions Partner Program for Agencies

Get certified with the best-in-class mobile measurement technology to increase the value you deliver to your customers.

All your Raw Data, Right at your Fingertips

Unlike other attribution providers, with AppsFlyer, your data is yours to use any way you want it. All of your data can be exported on demand in CSV format, or synced with your BI platform via our dynamic APIs. Many large agencies and advertisers utilize our raw data reports to determine network performance and settle billing discrepancies.

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Real-time Data Reporting to Meet Any Need

Our dashboards offer an array of reports to meet the needs of every user - from the mobile beginner through the seasoned expert. With AppsFlyer, all of your mobile attribution and install data is calculated and reported in real-time, so you can optimize your campaigns using the freshest, most relevant data.

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Measure your Print and OOH Ads with OneLink

Our OneLink solution provides a unique trackable link and QR Code that can be used to measure the impact of any print or out-of-home ad. Using universal deeplink technology, OneLink provides a single link that always delivers the optimal user experience. If the user doesn’t have the app, they are sent to the right app store for their device. After install, the app will open to the perfect page (e.g. a promotion). And they user already has the app installed, clicking the link will open the app directly to the optimal page.

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Protect360: Enterprise-Grade Fraud Protection

Enterprise-grade mobile fraud protection for the world’s most advanced marketers. Unique, scale enables data-driven protection from the most advanced types of fraud, including fraud farms and DeviceID Reset Fraud. Protects every element of your mobile business, from your user acquisition budgets to your omnichannel data integrity, time and budget allocation.

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Agency Integrations

Agencies can manage campaigns from their own dedicated dashboards, while reporting on campaign performance in your client's AppsFlyer dashboards.

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Agency Transparency

Agencies can enable fully transparency, sharing their media spend and performance data right in their clients' AppsFlyer dashboards - with just the click of a button.

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