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3 Ways To Boost Your Marketing Impact with Audiences

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The brand new Audiences builder now allows you to easily setup overlapping and excluding audiences.

Avatar Jon Burg Mar 07, 2018

Audience segmentation helps mobile marketers improve user acquisition, engagement and revenues by improving their targeting and messaging. However, few marketers are really taking full advantage of this strategy due to a mix of (a) concerns about sharing user data, (b) the manual effort of extracting and uploading audience lists, (c) the cost of maintaining dynamic data integrations, or (d) the effort needed to create and maintain each audience across every provider.

AppsFlyer Audiences closes these gaps, bringing the full power of smart, dynamic audience segmentation to marketers – without needing to increase your headcount of wait on your BI team. Want to add a new partner? All it takes is a click. With the addition of overlapping and excluding logic, as well as deeper device metadata, it has never been easier to segment and target your marketing efforts.

Let’s explore three ways marketers are using the newest features in Audiences to improve their performance.

Improve Shopping App ARPU

Goal: Stop advertising to frugal shoppers, double down on big-ticket buyers

This US, fashion-forward shopping app wanted to improve their ARPU and mobile revenues. To meet this goal, they worked with two different segments:

  • Improve Active Shoppers audience by excluding Frugal Shoppers
    This marketer’s initial audience was Active Shoppers – customers who had recently checked out. This audience was synced to Facebook for lookalike targeting, as well as retargeting providers to increase their repeat purchase activity. However, their ARPU was not quite as high as they had hoped. An analysis of their shopping cart activity revealed that about 30% of these new users were only purchasing discounted sale items.

    In order improve their Active Shoppers performance, they created and excluded a new audience, Frugal Shoppers – shoppers who had only purchased sales items.

  • Target and activate High-Fashion Shoppers
    An analysis of their activity and cohort reports revealed that they had a strong and growing segment of high-fashion shoppers. Not only were these users very engaged around the latest fashion trends, they were actively purchasing the latest styles.

    By syncing their High-Fashion Shoppers to their push messaging and lookalike targeting providers, this fashion app was able to drive repeat high-value purchases, while improving the ROI of their UA activities.


Drive Legacy Gaming App Power-Users to Download The New App

Goal: Identify and engage legacy game whales who have not yet downloaded a new title

With interest in their legacy gaming titles on the decline, this European gaming publisher had recently released a new app. The new title had very promising retention and monetization performance. They wanted to introduce their legacy app’s whales (heavy users) to their new title.

Using Audiences, they set up a number of targeting parameters. First, they added users who had opened their legacy title at least 60 times in the last 90 days. Then, using the Or functionality, they added their “whales” from each of their other legacy apps. To complete their audience, they used the Exclude feature to remove any whales who had already installed their new title. In under a minute, they added each of their retargeting platforms, dynamically syncing this Audience for a retargeting campaign promoting the new title. Best of all, because Audiences maintains a regular sync, whales who installed the new game were automatically excluded from these retargeting efforts moving forward.


Drive Engagement Around New App Content

Goal: Drive relevant in-app engagement around a fresh television content

This global video platform wanted a smarter way to keep their audiences synced. In the past, every time one of their major series’ returned for a new season, they ran campaigns targeting viewers who had enjoyed similar content.

However, constantly downloading and uploading their viewer and device lists to each provider for retargeting, push messaging and email campaigns became unsustainable.

With the return of a popular reality-tv series, they began using Audiences to streamline their viewer activation. The started by targeting viewers who had previously watched two episodes of this reality-tv series. They then added two Exclude rulesets, removing viewers who had already watched one or more episodes of this show’s latest season and removing users who had never watched more than two videos. With just a few clicks, they synced their audience across their retargeting, email marketing and push messaging providers.

What used to take an hour or two of manual work every day, requiring the assistance of their BI team (to pull data) and a campaign manager (to format the data for each provider, and then upload) now takes only a couple of minutes. Because all of their providers are already integrated with Audiences, the entire process is seamless from start to finish.

To learn more about Audiences, and how this can help your business, please speak with your Success Manager or schedule your AppsFlyer demo today.