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How Marketers Use Mobile Ad Revenue Attribution to Boost Performance

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You can now measure and attribute your Facebook Ad Revenue in the AppsFlyer dashboard.

Avatar Jon Burg Feb 06, 2018

In-app advertising is a significant, and growing source of mobile revenues, particularly for mobile gaming, utility and deals apps. However, many marketers still struggle with both limited access to in-app ad revenue data, and how to best use this data once they have it. With the introduction of in-app ad revenue reporting for Facebook Audience Network, here are three powerful ways marketers are using in-app ad revenue data to boost their impact.

  1. Improve Your ROI-Based Performance
    Increasingly, marketers are optimizing their campaigns based on LTV and ROI KPIs. While ad revenue is a critical component of monetization, many UA teams have limited access or insight into the ad revenues generated by the campaigns.

    At AppsFlyer, ad revenue measurement is included at no additional cost across all pricing packages, and setup takes only a minute. This integrated ad revenue reporting provides timely insight into your total LTV and ROI, right in the dashboard you are already using.

    Over the second-half of 2017, marketers that optimized campaigns based on their ROI saw a 20% lift in their bottom-line marketing impact, while top brands saw a 3x ROI lift. With your newly expanded ad revenue reporting, measuring your LTV and ROI has never been easier.
    Facebook Audience Network ROI

  2. Improve Your LTV with Activity Reporting
    Your newly upgraded Activity reports provides powerful insights into your marketing, product and mobile business performance. As all data is cohorted by activity date rather than install date, Activity reports help businesses understand their app health and performance.

    By measuring your in-app ad revenue data with AppsFlyer, your product and marketing teams can better collaborate around common KPIs and unified performance data, improving your user acquisition, engagement and retargeting to improve both your bottom-line LTV/ARPU.

  3. Automate Your Revenue Growth with Audiences
    Audiences is the easiest and fastest way to keep all of your partners in the loop, dynamically syncing your target segments across multiple providers from a single dashboard. Build Audiences that target users who generate the most ad views to improve your retargeting and lookalike targeting, increasing your in-app ad revenues.


To learn more about our ad revenue reporting, now with Facebook Audience Network support, please speak with your success manager or schedule your AppsFlyer demo today.