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Advice for Marketers Working with Advertising Agencies

Avatar Florence Broder Jul 29, 2015

There are many mobile advertising agencies out there that work with app developers in marketing their apps. You might be at a crossroads right now thinking whether it’s the right choice for you. So what are things to consider when looking for an agency? This post is here to break it down for you.

Why Use an Agency in the First Place?

Before we get into the actual relationship, it’s important to discuss some of the benefits of working with mobile advertising agencies. Especially in the early stages of your app development, you may believe that outsourcing your user acquisition and retention campaigns is the way to go. Your in-house capabilities may not be sufficient enough to tackle it and allow you to invest in your app completely.

In addition, since they only implement campaigns, you are reaping the benefits of their expertise no matter what stage of product development you’re in.

Be Prepared

Prior to working with any agency it’s important to understand your goals, KPIs, and overall needs. This is going to be different for every app. Are you launching a new app and are now more interested in the quantity of users? Or, do you have a loyal enough user base that you’re ready to invest in quality users?

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There is a spectrum of agencies in the mobile ecosystem. There are those that specialize in burst campaigns and others in retargeting providing. Some specialize in a specific vertical or geographic location. If you’re looking to target m-commerce users in the UK, you’re not going to want to use an agency that specializes in gamers from Indonesia. By doing your homework ahead of time, you’ll be able to better identify the agencies that will align with your needs.

If you are looking for quality users, an important criterion to take into consideration is whether the agency specializes in cost per install (CPI) campaigns or cost per action/event (CPA or CPE) campaigns. Agencies that focus on CPA will ultimately bring you better users and you will see a higher retention rate.

How to Monitor Your Agency

Especially for those of you who like to be in control, you might have questions about whether the agency is looking out for your best interests or is simply blowing your advertising budget with no thought.

  • Use an Analytics Solution: When engaging with agencies, it’s important to use a mobile analytics platform, like AppsFlyer, that empowers you to monitor the ROI of the campaigns they’re managing. As the app developer you’ll see the results of all your agency’s campaigns in your dashboard. Not only that, you have access to all the raw data from all their activity.
  • Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket: If you were running your own campaigns you wouldn’t simply work with one ad network. Instead, you would try a few ad networks, evaluate results and then optimize your campaigns. The same is true of agencies. Try working with a few agencies at once. Identify which ones bring you the best ROI for your identified KPIs. Again given their specialities, evaluate which agency has brought you the users with the highest retention rate.
  • Review Raw Data Reports: Though already mentioned together with an earlier point, it warrants its own. Reviewing your raw data reports is one way to monitor fraud. Look for questionable or fraudulent activity and other data that may indicate that erroneous installs are afoot.

To Sum Up

When it comes to agencies, be smart and prepared with your KPIs. Focus on the agencies that bring you the best results you’re looking for. To achieve ROI, be sure to always monitor and evaluate the results. When done, this is a simple recipe for success.


Asaf Shamir contributed to this post.