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Announcing the New Cohort: More In-Depth, Side-By-Side Analysis

Minnie Katzen Mayer Minnie Katzen Mayer Jul 15, 2019

When it comes to measuring data side-by-side and assessing the success of your marketing and UA strategies, cohort analysis is the tool you need. Marketers around the globe rely on cohort reports to understand user behavior over time, as well as draw conclusions on campaign performance, cost of acquisition and user quality.

Cohort and its sister report, retention, are two essential tools that have been empowering AppsFlyer users for years. They are a core part of the AppsFlyer dashboard, available to all AppsFlyer users, big and small. We appreciate how central these tools are to marketers, and are ecstatic to share some exciting cohort updates!


New Filters & KPIs

Understand the true ROI of your customer acquisition and retargeting campaigns. This update includes the addition of ROAS (return on ad spend) for your campaigns, as well as new filters such as Google and Apple Keywords, to get real insights on how your paid keyword ads are performing across audiences.


New filters and KPIs in AppsFlyer Cohort ReportsChoose from a wide variety of filters, including ad monetization

New Groupings

We continue to expand the list of filters and groupings you can apply to your analysis, giving you free reign to slice and dice the data however you choose. In this recent update, we’ve added groupings by cohort type (acquisition vs. retargeting), as well as the ability to view data for multiple apps simultaneously.

New groupings in AppsFlyer Cohort ReportsSpecify the type of acquisition and how the data should be grouped


New Views

With different angles come new insights. Get tabular and graphical views of your cohort analysis. You can choose to view your data by:

  • Users – unique or total
  • Revenue – total or per user
  • Uninstalls
  • ROI

You can also choose whether to view data cumulatively (up to day) or not (on a day), to tease out specific events.

New views in AppsFlyer Cohort ReportsChoose your views!

Coming soon: More feature updates and insights for unlocking the full potential of cohort reports. Stay tuned!

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