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App Installation & Conversion Tracking: iOS & Android Supported

Ran Avrahamy Feb 01, 2017

Mobile Apps Installation Referral & Conversion Tracking

Different Mobile Apps have different users and different usage patterns, what works for one App might not work for the next.

Find out what’s working for your Mobile App with support on both iOS and Android and make revenues increase almost as simple as Copy & Paste.

Do you know how loyal users discover and install your app?

With In-App purchases driving the prices of Mobile Apps to next to nothing – your App is transforming from just an App on the App-Store to a store in it’s own rights!

Getting an installation is no longer considered a conversion. Think how hard you worked to get users to your App(store). Do you know where these users discovered your app? Our clients do!


App Conversion Tracking and App Referral Tracking from Any Source

Are you blindly shooting in every direction hoping for more app installations and exposure?

Whether your iOS and Android installations are coming from Web, Mobile, Facebook or Ads we can track them for you.

Promote your app anywhere and track conversion performance with us

Are you employing multiple marketing platforms? How can you put them Head to Head and get the best value for your money?

AppsFlyer enables you to run your own affiliate program and pay per new loyal user or create a revenue sharing program.


Clicks are worthless! See the truth behind App Store clicks with install tracking

Still counting Clicks? It might be time for a reality check. Get the drill-down on every click. The click-counting approach originates from Web Marketing where a click takes a user directly to publisher properties.

In the mobile App World the click on your App Store link is just the beginning of a very long journey:

  • Impression – The user’s first exposure to your App
  • Click – The User wants to know more and he’s directed to the App Store
  • Installation – User read the first few words of the description, rating and reviews and decided to give it a go.
  • First Launch – User remembered to launch your app
  • Conversion – Finally, the user is in your hands – do your magic.

With AppsFlyer you can track the entire referral process, and understand exactly which marketing campaigns work for your app, and which ones don’t.


Key features:

  • iOS & Android support – AppsFlyer supports all iOS & Android devices, Apple App Store and Google Play (Android Market)
  • Real-time analytics – See impressions, clicks, installations, in-app purchases – all in real time
  • Run your affiliate program – Let affiliates market your app by your rules
  • Track any campaign from any source – AppsFlyer’s Patent Pending tracking algorithm can track actual installations and engagement coming from ANY source
  • Super easy SDK integration – 2 lines of code, that’s it
  • Ultra lightweight SDK 
  • All-In-One tracking SDK – This one time SDK integration frees you from updating your app for every new traffic source
  • No need to update and change tracking SDK – We integrated with the main ad-networks and can integrate with any traffic source with our API’s. Everything is done from our servers.
  • You never lose traffic – Our service will never limit traffic to the App Store – no matter what
  • Totally Seamless behavior the SDK has no effect on the app behavior
  • No UDID – UDID is not used/collected.
  • Retargeting – Full support for all retargeting ad platforms – Google Remarketing, Facebook call to action ads, and other platforms such as ActionX and Tapcommerce.
  • APIs – a complete set of APIs.
  • Your privacy – All the data belongs only to you! We host it on our secured servers at AWS and we will export/delete it upon your request.
  • Users privacy – We take users privacy very seriously. AppsFlyer assigns an internal unique user identifier to the user profile developed for that individual. This user identifier is not based on UDID or MAC address and is completely anonymized.


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