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Does your website support AASA and App Links in 2020?

Avatar Tom Shelly Nov 17, 2020

How exciting, we’ve just released the first ever universal links and app links validator. The idea is very straightforward, we want to empower app developers and marketers to build a phenomenal user experience across devices.  

Until now, there was no easy way to test all of your links in one spot. A place where you can validate your website links, ensuring that all of them are working properly, and that they all lead users to the right spot within your app, is a must.

How seamless is your web to app experience? Test it out using AppsFlyer’s free App Links Validator.

If you’re reading this, I’ll bet that you’re probably a big believer in the power of website campaigns in helping you attract users to your mobile app, and I’m sure that you’ve invested precious time and resources in it.  I’m talking about ads, banners, content, and everything in between, to convey the value of your app throughout your website experience. That’s fantastic. Keep it up.

While your web to app marketing promotion might be top-notch, if I asked for your level of confidence regarding your app links’ not breaking, how sure would you be? 

The more extensive your website is, the more complex it becomes at keeping all of your links validated at all times. The challenge is, that If you have both Android and Apple apps ensuring all links are validated can be cumbersome.

Then came App Links Validator. How does it work?

The first step is to plug your website URL. You have an added option to add the app prefix and bundle identifier for deeper configuration mapping (relevant only for Apple). 

When  you hit “validate my files”, our tool will get to work. Within a few seconds you’ll be able to see the required configuration tweaks you’ll need in creating  a seamless user experience. 

Our App links validator will be scanning through your general link configuration, as well as your specific Apple and Android links. 

We’ll be looking at:

  •  HTTPS protocols
  • DNS
  • JSON Scheme
  • 200 status code
  • App clips (only for Apple)
  • What else?

If there’s an issue with any of those, you’ll see a X sign followed by a detailed description of what needs to be fixed under the relevant app configuration.

App links validator tool :Adroid app links configuration


If your JSON file is valid, you’ll notice that we included the actual code for you to grab directly from the tool. 

NOTICE we’ve also included troubleshooting tips that’ll ensure you make the relevant adjustments at ease. 

I tested and fixed my links. What’s next?

First of all – great job! 

When you’re ready to step it up, we highly recommend using web products that can boost your conversion rate to new heights. 

Here at AppsFlyer, we’ve invested in web-related products and features like: OneLink deep linking and deferred deep linking, Smart BannersPeople-Based Attribution, and launched our free-for-life package, Zero, as a part of AppsFlyer’s Zero Budget Marketing initiative – aiding app developers leverage owned media, especially web for growth. Feel free to start using  these tools today!

App links validator tool: test your website links in seconds