Apple Rejecting Apps That Collect IDFA (IFA) But Do Not Show Ads

Ran AvrahamyFebruary 4, 2014Estimated reading time: 1 minute
[Update Apr 11, 2014 – IDFA is Now Officially Allowed For Attribution] [Updated Feb 6, 2014]

We just got off the phone with Apple and received the latest update regarding the issue.

To make it simple and without speculation:
1. If you show ads in your app, you are not affected.

2. If you don’t show ads in your app, you should update to the latest AF iOS SDK and don’t include AdSupport.framework. AF iOS SDK will not collect IDFA in case AdSupport.framework is not included in your project.

Fortunately, AppsFlyer’s NativeTrack™ technology is designed to work regardless of whether we have access to the IDFA or not.

We have been through Apple episodes before, with UDID, MAC address, pasteboard and openUDID. The IDFA move by Apple raises some questions but, for us, it is just another episode that makes NativeTrack™ technology a must have tool for all app marketers.

Feel free to share your thoughts.

Written by Ran Avrahamy

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