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AppsFlyer Featured on Reversim, Israeli Tech Podcast

Avatar Adi Shacham-Shavit Sep 18, 2014

AppsFlyer’s R&D Manager, Adi Shacham-Shavit, CTO & Co-Founder, Reshef Mann, and Senior Developer, Nir Rubinstein were guests on Reversim. Reversim is a weekly half hour Israeli podcast that discusses technology, development, the Internet, and other compelling subjects in the field.

In this podcast the AppsFlyer team discusses developing in Clojure:

  • Clojure is a dialect of LISP run on the JVM
  • It’s an functional and immutable language (instead of loops it uses recursive relations)
  • The nature of the work is to process non-stop events in real time, a feature of this outstanding functional language
  • Appsflyer’s platform currently processes hundreds of millions of events a day, primarily in real time

Listen to the podcast in Hebrew here.