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The AppsFlyer Performance Index Edition VI is Out for MWC With Some Surprising Findings

Avatar Shani Rosenfelder Feb 22, 2018

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona is just days away and our new AppsFlyer Performance Index is officially online — with some surprising findings! This is the third time we’ve release the Index in line with MWC, and advertisers and publishers have been inquiring about it now for weeks.

The Index is the established industry-standard for the performance of mobile media source. From the beginning, our insights have offered apps and publishers real business value.

This release is the 6th edition of the Index, and it features some new and exciting rankings: an industry-first app retargeting index and a long-term week-12 retention index. With app engagement attracting so much attention from app marketers (as it should!), these new rankings can certainly help improve dwindling engagement rates.

The ROI (ROAS) Index, which was introduced in Edition V, now includes a category and platform breakdown, covering over $1 billion in revenues.

Overall, we looked at 6.5 billion installs and 15 billion app opens of over 6,000 apps throughout the second half of 2017.

Insight #1: New players drive change in non-gaming rankings
Discovering new names in powerful spots is definitely refreshing, as was the case in the non-gaming category. There were six new players in the top 15: Global Wide Media, Digital Turbine, Leadbolt, Moloco, Adperio, and Liftoff. This tells us two things: the media space for non-gaming apps is more open to change than gaming, and there are a number of players that have been somewhat under the radar but are definitely worth trying.

Insight #2: Google climbing but Facebook is still king
The power of the duopoly in mobile advertising is well documented. Our data shows time and time again that Facebook and Google are in a league of their own. The most interesting finding within the duopoly has Google taking a significantly larger piece of the app install pie. How much larger you ask? 40%!

Facebook, however, remains the undisputed leader in the space. Not only has the social giant reached the #1 spot in the power rankings of the gaming and non-gaming performance indexes, it has also come out in front in both the ROI and retargeting indexes!

Insight #3: Fraud is still here (more than ever actually…)
Since fraud began generating headlines in the app ecosystem, one could have concluded that it would lead advertisers and vendors to start taking the threat seriously. And this would in turn at least reduce the threat. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. We’ve found that the fraud rate in H2 was 5% higher than H1.

Clearly, the mobile media landscape is a mixed bag: there are those that take fraud very very seriously and those that, well, don’t. What’s also clear is that fraud is extremely dynamic and requires continuous and meticulous monitoring.

Which media sources stood above all others? Here’s a taste of the top global ad networks.

Universal Non-Gaming Index — Top 10

Universal Gaming Index — Top 10

For the full picture, including volume and power rankings for iOS and Android across eight regions globally plus the all new retargeting and ROI indices, click below. See you at MWC! Come say hi. We’re in Hall 8.1 #F41.