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AppsFlyer’s New Integration with Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

Oren Kaniel Dec 21, 2012

Introducing AppsFlyer’s New Integration with Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

AppsFlyer is excited to announce that it is now an official Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner. Starting today, AppsFlyer’s clients will be able to run Facebook mobile app install ads, while leveraging AppsFlyer’s campaign measurement for in-depth campaign analytics.

Facebook mobile app install ads is a new mobile ad unit that gives mobile app developers an effective way to advertise their iOS and Android apps to the right audience, drive installs and increase app discovery. Thanks to AppsFlyer’s new integration with Facebook, AppsFlyer customers who use Facebook mobile app install ads to promote their apps are now able to start measuring user acquisition, user engagement and lifetime value in AppsFlyer’s dashboard. This means that developers using Facebook’s new mobile user acquisition channel can monitor the true performance of each and every campaign, ad and audience, allowing them to optimize and acquire loyal users with ease.

Oren Kaniel, CEO of AppsFlyer, says, “We started AppsFlyer to solve one of the major problems in the mobile apps market – campaign measurement and user attribution. The combination of reaching highly relevant audiences while being able to accurately measure levels of user engagement, ROI (return on investment) and LTV (lifetime value) is very powerful. This is why we are very excited about integrating with Facebook mobile app install ads”.

About AppsFlyer:

AppsFlyer is a mobile apps marketing platform that allows app developers, brands and agencies to measure and optimize their entire mobile customer acquisition funnel from one real-time dashboard. AppsFlyer is integrated with dozens of media partners, acting as the entry point for advertisers to promote and accurately measure their mobile app promotional campaigns from all media sources, including paid, organic, viral and social sources, without compromising user experience or accuracy.

AppsFlyer is a venture-backed technology company that is passionate about building a technology that will enable marketers to get the most out of their mobile marketing campaigns, allowing them to work their magic to the fullest.

App developers can download the latest AppsFlyer SDK, which supports Facebook mobile app install ads. AppsFlyer is compliant with Facebook data and privacy policies.

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