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Audiences Puts Your Insights to Work

Avatar Jon Burg May 30, 2017

Mobile attribution and marketing analytics should deliver more than just insights. The real impact comes when taking action such as improving your user acquisition, targeting and re-engagement to measurably boost your bottom line. AppsFlyer’s Audiences platform is the industry’s first deep audience segmentation solution, delivering a seamless, automated, API-driven connection between your mobile insights and marketing activation.

To put it simply, Audiences allows marketers to define a target segment, and dynamically sync all devices that fit that segment profile to integrated media sources. Audiences is designed to deliver smarter user acquisition, improved re-engagement and even selective exclusion, removing devices from a campaign. AppsFlyer’s unique, pre-configured API-level integrations with leading sources including Facebook, Yahoo! Gemini, Twitter, Adobe Audience Manager, InMobi, ironSource, AppLovin and Tapjoy allow you to setup your own custom audience segments in under 10 seconds, making this the fastest, easiest and most advanced Audience solution in the market.

Unlock The Power of Segmentation

Audience segmentation holds incredible value for nearly every app and across every vertical. For example, let’s say you have a ride sharing app. Here are four examples for how you can use Audiences to improve your performance.

    • Retargeting and Re-engagement
      Improve your re-engagement by targeting users who ordered multiple rides in the last month, but were inactive this month.
    • Lookalike Audiences
      Improve your user acquisition by targeting prospects who “look” like your best users – those that ordered more than 10 rides in the last 30 days.
    • Exclusion Segmentation
      Remove users that you are targeting on Network A, but want to exclude on Network B. Alternatively, create an audience segment of problematic users (e.g. those who constantly demand refunds) and exclude them from your re-engagement campaigns.
    • Cross-App Promotions
      Target users who were once very active in one of your apps but have not been as active, with ads for your newest release.


Flexible Audience Builder

Building a dynamic targeted audience segment shouldn’t be hard work. Our new Audience builder allows marketers to dynamically segment their audiences using straightforward Boolean logic (rules like X AND Y).

Let’s say you want to target users who installed your app in the last 2 weeks and completed a purchase. With AppsFlyer’s advanced Audiences platform, this entire process would take less than 10 seconds.

AppsFlyer's Audience Management Tool

  1. Select the install date range.
  2. Filter for in-app purchase event and the audience size updates automatically.
  3. Save to sync.

This data will now sync to your preferred sources and update automatically moving forward. No need to update CSVs, reupload data or force a sync. Just set it once, and the audience will continue to update automatically. It’s the easy.


Deep, API-Level Integrations Make Your Life A Bit Easier

AppsFlyer’s Audiences is the first enterprise-grade solution built for busy marketers. Our pre-configured integrations with leading sources allows you to easily and quickly define your audience, gauge its size, and sync. It takes less than 10 seconds. No need to map your fields, download or upload CSVs, or troubleshoot manual configurations. Best of all, your audiences are fully dynamic, updating your network partners based on new user engagement.

Working with an agency or third party that isn’t yet integrated? Dynamically sync your Audience with Amazon S3 or even Slack – ensuring that all of your partners and agencies are always up to date. Audiences is also ideal for businesses that are highly sensitive about sharing their user details or in-app engagement – syncing just the DeviceIDs and the segment names – without sharing any other information.



Put Your Data To Work

Marketing data all too often finds itself waiting – waiting to be analyzed, waiting to be shared, waiting to be used. Audiences is the next generation of advanced mobile marketing; dynamically bridging the gap between your attribution and analytics and your marketing.

To learn more about Audiences, contact your Success Manager or schedule your AppsFlyer demo today.