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Save Time and $ on Reconciliation with IO Builder

Jon Burg Sep 28, 2017

Mobile marketers know that substantiating claims of fraudulent traffic with ad networks isn’t easy. With so much confusion regarding what constitutes fraud, and many different approaches to identifying fraud, “reconciliation negotiations” often devolve into a drawn-out, painful process for both the marketer and their network partners. We have found that setting clear fraud terms as part of IO negotiations is the best way to avoid this process. This is the goal of our new free tool, IO Builder: Fraud Appendix.

IO Builder: Fraud Appendix is the easiest way to set your fraud terms, and align with your partners before the campaign even begins. Using this 4-step wizard, simply insert your preferred fraud benchmarks for each type of fraud provided, enter your email address and you’ll receive a fully formatted Appendix to add your IO. We strongly recommend sharing this Appendix with your legal team to ensure that it meets the enforceability standards of your organization. Now that you have your Appendix in hand, simply sign and date it, attach it to your IO, and you’re good to go.

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Not sure how strict you should set your fraud benchmarks? We have pre-filled the entire wizard with some industry-standard data. To increase your protection, simply alter the numbers to suit your needs.

Used in concert with Protect360, IO Builder: Fraud Appendix helps marketers define fraud tolerance before campaigns begin and share their fraud performance with integrated partners as part of their campaigns process. This constant transparency will help minimize the need for reconciliation negotiations down the line.

We believe that tools like IO Builder: Fraud Appendix should become an industry-standard process for all marketers. With this in mind, we have made this tool available to all marketers, regardless of your preferred fraud or attribution provider.

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