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Being a Rocketeer

Avatar Florence Broder Apr 26, 2015

In the past, many members of the R&D have tackled very technical topics. For my blog debut, I decided to address my transition to AppsFlyer.

My previous company succeeded in achieving one thing—breaking my spirit. I would arrive at work and would just sit there thinking about when the day would end.  The clock simply wouldn’t move fast enough. (We’ve all been there at one time or another.) There were were no challenging projects and the ones that were interesting, simply had so much bureaucracy around them that I just wouldn’t pursue them. As a developer, I was completely micromanaged and needed to get permission to implement the smallest task. They promised me devops, but I did everything else but…

I was there 2 months and couldn’t make it work. In a moment of desperation, I posted on Facebook that I was seeking a new position. I started receiving opportunities and then Adi Belan approached me. He and I had worked together in the past and told me about the opening at AppsFlyer.

When I arrived at AppsFlyer for the interview, a positive vibe was felt from the moment I set foot in the offices. I actually enjoyed the interview process and I started refusing other opportunities because it was clear to me that this is where I wanted to work. This was a great fit because of the type of work I would be doing. Not only that—I would actually be able to have fun at work.

I’m no believer in fairy tales, but for the first time, I got exactly what I wanted. I luckily landed the job and I’m here 3 months (though it feels like much more — in a good way). From the first day, you get the keys to the AWS and deploy in production immediately. For me, it was a bit of a culture shock–a huge change in atmosphere from my past experience. It’s a huge leap of faith on the part of the employer to allow it. I am thrilled that my position challenges me both professionally and personally.

So why professionally you ask? When I arrived here, I had never used any of the cutting edge technology that they were using daily, from the simplest thing like creating an AWS instance to deploying a Kafka cluster. In the past, I had been so consumed with developing primarily in Python and Bash, and didn’t have an opportunity to try out or even implement in all the emerging devops technologies. It prompted me to to learn daily, especially because of the challenges that scale presents caused by the exponential growth of the company. The challenges just don’t end! SCRUM keeps me in the business and technical loop. The level of transparency allows me to know everything going on from successes to challenges and it also helps me understand the system.

Why personally? As a single guy out on the town in Tel Aviv I’m out until the wee morning hours. But I have to be in early for SCRUM (which isn’t that early). The small nature of the company make also a very friendly and family-oriented. The intimate environment has helped to make the transition quite painless.

The good news is I’m still learning a lot and I have much catching up to do. It’s clear that AppsFlyer is where I want to contribute my talents and skills. It feels like the right place to do so, and kind of getting the sense of a huge family. I’m usually rather cynical and not much for slogans but I can tell you that if you’re not happy at work, there is another option you should consider — AppsFlyer.

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