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Come Code with AppsFlyer: Apache Spark

Avatar Morri Feldman May 03, 2015

Tomorrow (May 4th) we are excited to welcome you to the first session of our new Meetup, “Coding with AppsFlyer”.  Here at AppsFlyer we use Apache Spark for much of our offline processing and we are really excited about it.

Have you heard the buzz about Spark and wanted to know how to get started using it?  Are you already using Spark and want to see how we use it and learn about our architecture?

Please come and join us tomorrow for a gentle introduction to Apache Spark.  Bring your laptop and be ready to start using Spark.  We are preparing a source code repository with basic examples in three languages (Clojure, Scala and Java) for you to work through to get acquainted with Spark. Then we will help you write some code by yourself to explore and gain some new understanding of the dataset we’ve chosen for the demo.  We will also offer the opportunity to submit your code to a live Spark cluster running on AWS.  In the source code repository we specify prerequisites for using Spark in each language. If you can install these before the Meetup then you will be able to hit the ground running, but if you don’t have time or run into any problems getting setup, we will be happy to help.

Feel free to drop by our office anytime between 2pm and 7pm to get started using Apache Spark and see what all the buzz is about.