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Taking Data Analysis to the Next Level

Minnie Katzen Mayer Minnie Katzen Mayer Mar 05, 2019

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If you utter the term “Big Data” in a room full of marketers, you’ll likely be met with eyerolls and audible groans. This term has become such a tiresome, overused buzzword, that practically no one takes it seriously anymore.
While it may spark antagonism, its significance in the industry cannot be ignored; big data has changed the way we make decisions. Raw data at a massive scale can uncover trends and patterns that we were previously blind to, and teams that have access to raw data hold tremendous power.  

AppsFlyer measures over 1 trillion data points per month; that’s over 1 trillion clicks, impressions, installs, sessions, in-app events, and much much more. By providing our customers with all of their data, how and when they want it, we’ve empowered them to take their own big data to build business strategy and make crucial decisions.


Your Data, Your Way

Attribution data is a goldmine, and not just for marketers. Most organizations rely on several tools and platforms to get full 360 visibility of how their products are performing and how users are engaging with them. With various functions in the organization utilizing data to make decisions and build strategy, centralizing input from all technology providers is key to seeing the bigger picture.

AppsFlyer’s robust, customizable platform provides marketers and analysts with the insights they need via aggregate and raw data. With multiple reports, dashboards and APIs, real-time attribution data is available 24/7 at your fingertips.

Nevertheless, AppsFlyer recognizes that some organizations require a different type of access to their data; access to all the data, all the time. For this purpose, AppsFlyer introduced Data Locker, a secure data storage locker hosted on Amazon S3. Data Locker stores every single data point sent to AppsFlyer, including: organic data, full impression, attribution and engagement data, session data, click data and more. That’s right – Data Locker stores all the data sent to your AppsFlyer dashboard.

Data Locker is continuously updated with raw data, enabling teams to pull the data into their own BI tools and crunch it however they like.

Data Locker puts all of your raw data at your fingertips, to be analyzed however you choose. A few examples of how our customers use Data Locker:

  • Analyzing click and session data to apply their own fractional attribution logic
  • Leveraging user-level raw (non-aggregated) data, click, and session data for full funnel analysis
  • Crossing geolocation and device-type data to create specific user segmentation

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Safe, Secure, Always-On

When it comes to data analysis that fits your organization’s needs, flexibility is the name of the game. Data Locker enables teams to receive a continuous stream of data into their systems, saving the hassle of setting up and maintaining real-time API syncs.

Here’s a run-down of all the benefits users enjoy with Data Locker:

  • Coverage – Data Locker collects all data points in raw data form and can collect data about multiple apps.
  • Accuracy – Data Locker is a batch data process, which is the most reliable and optimal in terms of data freshness and accuracy.
  • Reliability – hosted on Amazon S3, Data Locker is always available and has fail-safes to protect from possible outages.
  • Flexibility – the data sent to Data Locker can be fully customized with the relevant fields and reports that your team needs. These include: clicks, impressions, in-app events, re-attribution and re-engagement data, launches, uninstalls and more.
  • Accessibility – data is updated constantly and accessible 24/7 for analysis and restoration purposes.
  • Compatibility – data can be pulled into your organization’s chosen BI system, enabling teams to apply their own fractional attribution logic. Ideal for Tableau, Looker, Power BI and other data visualization tools.

Data Locker 2.0 – New and Improved

With our focus on product development, we have made it our core mission to constantly improve and evolve our offering. We recently updated Data Locker to bring even faster, timely insights to our customers. Data Locker users can now enjoy:

Hourly updated data
Data Locker is now updated on an hourly basis, rather than daily. This will help stream more timely data to users, solving any time-zone differences that may have complicated data streaming in the past. In addition, Data Locker’s hourly folders enable you to recognize time-specific trends that pertain to campaign activity.

Pricing models that suit your business needs
Data Locker isn’t just for big organizations. AppsFlyer has made some changes to the Data Locker pricing plan, to make it obtainable for organizations of all sizes and budgets.


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