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Facebook App Event Partner Integration Now Live

Elad Mashiach Sep 24, 2018

Building upon our partnership with Facebook, we are excited to support the launch of a new feature that will facilitate the flow of app event information from AppsFlyer to the Facebook ad platform. App events, also known as in-app engagements, can be used for targeting, optimization and measurement to maximize the success of your Facebook campaigns.

Available now in the Facebook Events Manager platform, this new solution will improve the integration setup process and guide you through the best way to share app events from AppsFlyer. This will make it easier for advertisers to start passing the correct app event information to Facebook, and ensure that the information shared can take advantage of your targeting, optimization, and measurement solutions.

Using app event data can help you optimize towards installs and in-app actions within a single app install campaign. For example, gaming app owners can acquire higher quality users by targeting gamers who would not only be interested in downloading their app, but would also be likely to achieve levels and make in-app purchases.

Login to your Facebook Events Manager today, and find the new setup flow that will walk you through the step-by-step process of integrating with AppsFlyer. For more information on Facebook App Events, click here or talk to your Success Manager today.