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How Will the Apple Watch Revolutionize Advertising?

Avatar Florence Broder Mar 19, 2015

Are you ready to take advantage of all the Apple Watch has to offer?

Forget telling time. Forget the sleek look and modern design. Forget the various price points. The Apple Watch can revolutionize the way people connect. Email and phone are no longer enough of a connection. Users will be able to send a physical representation of their heartbeat. So what’s the big deal? Apple has designed this smart mobile device to connect people, but it’s ripe for developers to forge stronger connections with their consumers as well.

More Personalized Notifications

A best practice of mobile advertising, be it user acquisition or retargeting, has always been personalization, but with the new advanced sensors in the watch, marketers need to be prepared to up their game. This watch is chock-full of sensors to enhance the way advertisers communicate and connect with consumers.

There are four sensors just to monitor a person’s physical state: heart beat, calories, body state, and more. This information can be used in diverse ways by savvy marketers. They can now tailor campaigns for a consumer’s state of being. Imagine after a long workout a consumer is overheated and most probably thirsty. By tapping into the heart beat sensor and GPS, marketers can send ads for beverages from locations in close proximity, like the Starbucks that’s 50 feet away. Starbucks is already one retailer that has taken advantage of Apple’s iBeacon technology from iOS 8 allowing customers to check the status of their beverage. It can’t get more personal than that! Another scenario is that a consumer hasn’t reached his/her calorie-burning goal for the day. The nearest gym can ping the consumer to burn it there at a discount. On the flip side, if the consumer reached his/her goal, here comes an ad saying, “Award yourself with…” The possibilities are simply endless!

Tapping the Senses

As mentioned above the Apple Watch, more than any other product is about human connection. Just imagine all the ways companies can “humanize” themselves. If friends and loved ones can send representations of their heartbeat, companies can tap into this power by sending similar representations. It’s an opportunity to take sensory branding to the next level. Your brand will not just be visuals and sound, but it has the possibility of touch. Consumers will be able to feel you. Marketers can send a representation of the company’s heart beat or send a gentle pulse.

Upping the Ante on Mobile

For companies who are not with the mobile program yet, this just might be the point of no return. This is a pinnacle moment for marketers who up until now have invested most of their budgets in online marketing. If they don’t shift their strategy to align with the advent of the Apple Watch, wearables and mobile overall, they are going to see declines in their bottom line. Just think what would have happened if Marissa Mayer hadn’t shifted Yahoo to a “mobile-first” company?

To make Yahoo the mobile-first company envisioned, one of the first purchases made was Flurry, a mobile analytics platform. Mayer understands that to succeed in mobile you need the proper data. Even more so with the new sensors that wearables provide. How are you going to measure the ROI of sending a sensory message to a user? How are you going to measure all the new interactions possible between the company and consumers? How are you going to measure customer loyalty with all these new contexts? The analytics industry is also going to need to catch to measure the new technologies.

The good news is that you’ll be able to measure activity on the Apple Watch with AppsFlyer. That’s right, we support it! All you have to do is set up an in-app event when handling an Apple Watch action in the app and you’re good to go. Look for us to roll out more and more functionality to support the Apple Watch.

On the Edge of Our Seats

The pre-release of the watch details have certainly whet our appetite for what’s to come in April. No doubt that every marketer will be racing to identify all the new ways to target and retarget users. If the iPhone ushered in the age of advertising 2.0, the Apple Watch is going to jump start advertising 3.0. It will forever change the relationship between consumers and advertisers. Only 5 weeks left until the product release, but who’s counting…