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IDFA is Now Officially Allowed For Attribution

Ran Avrahamy Apr 11, 2014



Apple has updated its terms that allowed IDFA collection only for apps that show ads. Apple is now allowing app developers to collect and use the IDFA for attribution which is great news for the industry (and Apple).

Apple was always concerned about the quality of ads in the iOS ecosystem, however taking the IDFA out has the opposite effect. Without proper measurement, ad quality decreases as advertisers have no idea which ads are working and which are not. We also saw that in order to have legit access to IDFAs, developers started to serve ads even if they didn’t initially plan to. This didn’t make any sense for anybody, including Apple.

Although AppsFlyer’s NativeTrack can handle mobile app attribution regardless of IDFA, some Ad-networks rely solely on it. Our vision that mobile ads should stop being annoying and become a value-added service can only be achieved with proper attribution and measurement. We are happy to announce that AppsFlyer fully complies with Apple’s updated terms and we’re proud to be leading the market with a true All-In-One, unbiased mobile attribution and measurement platform.

Please check our Knowledge Base for details on how to submit your iOS app with IDFA.