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Insights from AppsWorld Germany 2015

Avatar Ephrat Geisler May 04, 2015

My colleague Asaf Shamir and I had the great pleasure of attending and exhibiting at AppsWorld Germany from April 22-23, 2015.

Berlin has been recognized as a thriving hub for technology and startups, across all industries. The conference attendees included many passionate mobile-app developers, local advertising agencies, and mobile marketing professionals. All came with the understanding of how important it is to use a powerful, unbiased and reliable measurement solution. And this exactly where AppsFlyer comes in.

During the conference, we were asked many questions about AppsFlyer’s top features and services. Here are some highlights:

  • Cohort Reports – AppsFlyer’s Cohort Reports allow advertisers to view and compare the behavior and performance of different groups or consumers. App marketers can, for example, create different cohorts based on different Geos, and compare the average number of sessions per user for each cohort, over different timeframes.
  • TV Attribution AppsFlyer now enables app marketers to measure the ROI of TV ad campaigns! This is an industry-first measurement and attribution tool that measures new installs from users in a designated market area immediately after a TV ad has run in that region, and also provides important post-installs analytics.
  • OneLink One smart link that knows to redirect users to the relevant app store (if the app is not yet installed on the device) and also allows advanced deeplinking – So app marketers can create more engaging advertising and enjoy more effective conversion funnels. OneLink supports apps in a variety of new stores: Windows Store, Amazon Store, Out-of-Store Android apps, and any iOS device.
  • Customer Support – Just as the attribution is expected in real time, so is the customer support – and many attendees asked us about this. With dedicated account managers and tech support experts across the globe, AppsFlyer offers its customers very quick and professional support, around the clock.
  • Scalability – As the market continues to rapidly grow, app marketers are becoming more and more concerned about being able to measure such large volumes. We were asked about AppsFlyer’s ability to handle these volumes without crashing, and we proudly confirmed that AppsFlyer successfully handles over 3.2 billion events per day, which are not only handled but also made available to our clients, in real time.  Our R&D has developed a sophisticated system and a server structure in place, we are all set to grow.
  • Which Ad-Networks Should I Work With? Many attendees asked us this question. And while it is definitely a key decision, app marketers no longer need to deliberate. Using AppsFlyer, an unbiased and independent solution, app marketers can easily start running campaigns with over 900+ of our integrated partners, monitor the performance in real time and make smart and quick marketing decisions.

We also participated in an “App Analytics” Panel, where Asaf successfully faced challenging questions about attribution analytics, app usage, latest trends and upcoming innovations in the industry. The panelists discussed the difference between marketing analytics and product (user-behavior) analytics – and the importance of using both jointly in order to better understand the big picture. AppsFlyer is the bridge between these two, and all other marketing services, and acts as an Attribution Authority that provides all parties with unbiased and reliable real-time data. It was exciting to see that the only panelists who also directly advertise apps, were already happy AppsFlyer clients. It was also great to see that all of the ad networks, we noticed attended AppsWorld Berlin were already fully integrated and partnered with AppsFlyer.

AppsWorld Berlin was a great opportunity to meet with our clients and partners, speak to prospective clients, and learn about new and upcoming activities. We are excited for the opportunities ahead, and look forward to continue growing in the local German market, across Europe, and around the globe.

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