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Introducing Live Alerts: The Easiest Way Keep an Eye on Your KPIs!

Avatar Jon Burg Sep 25, 2017

We lead busy lives. Though we love our data, intrusions like meetings, nights and weekends pull us away from our reporting dashboards. Even the most astute marketer can occasionally miss noteworthy changes in key KPIs for hours or even days, because we were focussed on other tasks. Marketers, we hear your pain and have developed an answer to your prayers. We call it, Live Alerts.

Live Alerts is the industry’s first solution to actively monitor your KPIs and notify you when a significant change is detected. This provides marketers with the peace of mind needed to focus on our day-to-day tasks, both inside and outside of our work lives.


Live Alerts Keeps An Eye on Your KPIs

Live Alerts are fully configurable, so you can easily send the right message to the right people via the right communications channel (e.g. email, slack, mobile app), at the right time.

Keep An Eye on Your Burn Rate
Send your UA team an email notification when the media cost for your campaigns drops more than 15%.
AppsFlyer Live Alert about cost decrease


Watch out for install hijacking
Alert your fraud lead via Slack when installs with short CTIT proliferate, as this is often a sign of install hijacking fraud.

AppsFlyer Live Alert on Slack

Monitor install volume per source
Notify your growth team when the install volume of any media source decreases by over 15% compared to the same day last week.

AppsFlyer Live Alert push notification


Address advanced fraud, quickly and easily
Trigger a high priority email alert to your fraud team when a specific publisher is undergoing a Device ID Reset Marathon so you can take preventative action, such as contacting the network and setting up a Validation Rule.

Add a Live Alert in AppsFlyer dashboard


With thousands of possible KPI trigger, channel, recipient and timeframe combinations, Live Alerts both increases your productivity and provides the peace of mind you need to focus on life beyond your reporting dashboards.

Let Live Alerts keep an eye on your performance, so you can enjoy your dinner, kids, significant other, time at the gym and everything else life brings your way. Live Alerts is now in closed beta. To join the beta or learn more, please speak with your Success Manager or schedule a demo today.