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Introducing the All New Retention Report

Matan Tessler Jun 30, 2015

We know that our clients depend on their retention reports for measuring LTV and other critical parameters. Over the past few months, we logged your constructive feedback and integrated it into these updates. Ultimately, the latest version of this report will be more useful to you, our clients.

The most important component we’ve added to your retention reports is…organic data. Now you can have a more complete picture of your users’ LTV not only from a paid campaign but when they download your app because they heard about it from a friend. You’ll easily track your users’ activity.

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Our clients have been enjoying the many filters available on the cohort reports and they’ve requested them for the retention reports as well. Once again, this feedback has been fully integrated into the report filters. Now you can filter your retention reports by the following parameters:

  • Geo (by country and by geo city)
  • Campaign
  • AF_SiteID
  • Facebook related filters
  • And many more…

In addition, you have the power to break down the data by multiple dimensions, up to a maximum of four groupings.




The good news is there is now a 30 day look back window. Data is available for viewing on this report beginning from May 4, 2015.

During beta testing, there have already been many success stories. In one instance, an advertiser saw a drop in the overall retention rate and was able to identify the campaign that was the culprit.

For more information please check out our knowledge base.