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The Journey to Winning Best Attribution Platform

Sanjay Trisal Jul 10, 2017

The Indian mobile app market is unlike any other in the world. We move incredibly fast, offer remarkable scale and have hundreds of millions of both mobile-first and mobile-only users. Almost two years ago, I joined AppsFlyer, spearheading a very special team based right here in India. Through hard work, technology innovation, best-in-class customer service and strong regional partnerships, we have seen incredible growth. Though this post was initially going to be a celebration of AppsFlyer being named the “Best Attribution Measurement Platform” award at GMASA 2017, I would instead like to share some insights into our journey.

When I joined AppsFlyer and opened our India office two years ago, we had a handful of leading Indian brands already on-board, enjoying customer and technical support, as well as partnership development via our other regional offices. However, the strategic investment in opening an India office proved to be a winner. As the Indian mobile market matured, both mobile-first and more traditional businesses began looking for world-class mobile attribution and measurement solutions that could meet their growing demands.

By understanding the unique dynamic of the Indian market, working with our clients and partners to understand their technical and business challenges, our Indian operations have continued to grow as marketers look to us as an extension of their own marketing teams. With a strong focus on providing “on-time service, every-time” we won over customer advocates and evangelists who regularly send new business our way. This focus on building and maintaining relationships, this partnership with the market and our ability to be the source of truth for marketers and developers is the heartbeat of our mission.

India’s leading marketers demand more than dedicated, local technical support and hands-on success managers. Over the last year, the Indian mobile market has become one of the most advanced in the world. The latest innovations, such as robust cost attribution, in-app ad revenue measurement, uninstall attribution, best-in-class fraud protection and advanced Pivot reports and custom dashboards have become the new table stakes in the Indian market for mobile advertisers. I am proud to say that every one of these innovations were tested and developed with feedback from leading Indian brands and marketers.

As we rolled out these innovations, the demand for the AppsFlyer platform grew in kind. Indian non-organic install traffic grew 120% year over year in 2016. Similarly, third-party data research companies like SafeDK and Mobo ranked AppsFlyer India as # 1 attribution and analysis company in the market, with a market share of over 54%. This growth continued in H1 of 2017 , as we continued to expand our relationships with Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance, PayTM, Hotstar, AJIO, ShopClues LimeRoad, Big Basket, HDFC Bank, DBS, ICICI Bank and many more.

Looking forward, we will continue to invest in delivering best-in-class innovations, technical support and success management, and partner development to the Indian market. Over the last year, we tripled the size of our India team to meet a projected 4x growth in mobile events measured and a continued 2x growth in revenues. While we’re proud of the successes, we are hungrier than ever before to help app marketers succeed. I believe we are still at the start of a bold new mobile world in India, where the app and mobile economy is inseparable from overall economic prosperity and growth in India.

India is no longer a satellite or a just another growth market for foreign businesses. India is a global hub of mobile innovation. On behalf of the AppsFlyer India team, thank you for placing your trust in AppsFlyer, and thank you to the esteemed GMASA for recognizing us as the Best Attribution Measurement Platform. We look forward to continuing to build great things together.