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Tap into the Power of Cross-Device ROI for Facebook and Instagram Campaigns

Avatar Jon Burg Sep 22, 2016

We are proud to share an exciting upgrade to our deep Facebook integration. In addition to enabling configurable attribution windows, automated impression, click, cost, ARPU and ROI reporting, AppsFlyer now supports cross-device and cross-platform view-through attribution for Facebook and Instagram campaigns. This is a remarkable leap forward, and we thank our partners at Facebook for their cooperation throughout this project.  

View-through attribution allows marketers to measure which ads users viewed prior to installing a mobile app, even if the user didn’t click on the ad. The addition of cross-platform and cross-device view-through attribution provides AppsFlyer clients with comprehensive data reporting, improved consistency across Facebook and AppsFlyer dashboards, and deeper multi-touch attribution insights.

For example, let’s say Jane viewed an ad for your app on Facebook, Instagram or somewhere in the Facebook Audience Network while on her laptop. Later that day, Jane was waiting in line for a coffee and decided to install your app on her mobile phone. The new AppsFlyer/Facebook view-through attribution integration will connect these dots, correctly attributing this install to the ad that exposed Jane to this app.

Your AppsFlyer dashboard will now report:

  • Which ad was viewed
  • When users who later installed, originally viewed the ad
  • How much this ad cost
  • The average CPI (cost per install) for this ad – across both click-based and view-through attribution
  • How much in-app revenue has been generated by people who viewed or clicked on this ad
  • The ROI of this Facebook ad campaign

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