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Measuring Your Way to Mobile App Success

Avatar Ran Avrahamy Dec 16, 2014

We had a great time presenting at the Think Mobile with Google marketing summit in Beijing, China last week.

It was an important event since the Chinese app market has become such a major player in the global app economy. Today, China based apps make up about 40% of the global market share, more than twice the market share of 2012!

As part of our presentation, we wanted to give China based app marketers an overview of the  app ecosystem and some useful tips for marketing their apps.

For those of us who couldn’t attend, we’ve posted our presentation, “Measuring Your Way to Success,” below.

A few app marketing tips from the presentation

Target new devices

The most valuable users for your app are the ones with the newest phones and OS’. We’ve found that users with newer devices:

  • Have a 50% higher conversion rate
  • 100% higher user quality (based on number of sessions, in-app events, purchases and retention)
  • Install 400% more apps

Use rich media

If you want to have a successful app, rich media, such as promotional videos on YouTube, need to be part of your marketing plan.

  • Rich media has 5-8 times better conversion rates than other channels

Set up in-app events

You can’t measure your success if you don’t know what’s happening in your app. Measuring in-app events are key to every mobile app marketer’s success. By doing so, you’ll know which events led to in-app purchases, increased user loyalty, social sharing, churn, app crashes, etc.

Use ad campaigns to grow

It’s hard to get hockey stick-like growth with organic alone – and the data backs that up. If you want to get strong, consistent growth, then paid installs are the best way to go.

View the presentation in English and Chinese

English Presentation:


Chinese Presentation: