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Meet Validation Rules: The Ultimate Campaign Enforcer

Avatar Jon Burg Oct 02, 2017

Sometimes even the most targeted campaigns end up driving the wrong traffic. Validation Rules closes this gap.

You spend a ton of time and money perfecting your mobile marketing machine. Unfortunately, not everything always goes as planned. Your network partner may have a bug or limitation that ends up sending the wrong device type, OS version or geo. A fraudulent sub-publisher could choose to target one of your campaigns with click flooding, install hijacking or even DeviceID Reset Fraud, draining your budgets and polluting your reporting dashboards.

Validation Rules is a new and exciting addition to the AppsFlyer platform, helping marketers and their network partners enforce their targeting and IOs with full transparency. The new, clean and straightforward interface allows marketers to define exactly which installs should and should not be attributed. Select from a variety of parameters including device profile, OS version, and geolocation to set the optimal mix of broad and specific Validation Rules for each partner or campaign and soon, SiteID. Furthermore, Protect360 customers will soon enjoy the ability to set validation rules based on fraud signals, allowing marketers to automatically enforce the fraud terms set forth in their IO or agreement.


By blocking attribution for invalidated traffic, Validation Rules ensures that your AppsFlyer dashboards report your effective CPI and CPA, providing enhanced clarity and insight.

In the interest of maintaining full transparency, all Validation Rules are transparent to integrated partners, and all integrated partners have the option to receive rejected install postbacks. Validation Rules are now live for all marketers with business plans or above. To learn more about Validation Rules, please speak with your Success Manager or schedule your AppsFlyer demo today.