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Migrating From HasOffers MobileAppTracking or Other Tracking Providers

Ran Avrahamy Feb 20, 2014

As you have probably heard, HasOffers and Kontagent were dropped as Facebook Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs). The situation has left many marketers without an attribution solution for install campaigns running on Facebook. For those affected, AppsFlyer is making our team available to help quickly migrate your tracking and attribution needs to AppsFlyer. We are sure that you will be happy with the upgrade to the leading attribution and analytics platform out there.


AppsFlyer is an approved Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner. Click here to view the AppsFlyer MMP Profile

We will help convert all of your Facebook campaigns over to AppsFlyer for a seamless cut-over once your app is integrate with the AppsFlyer SDK.

  • Why AppsFlyer?

      1. Integration and migration is super easy. We will assign you with a dedicated account manager to help your team migrate to AppsFlyer.
      2. Fully aligned with all industry standards and Apple recent IDFA update.
      3. AppsFlyer is the most reliable and accurate tracking platform out there. AppsFlyer’s NativeTrack™ SDK has been installed more than 2 billion times, makes AppsFlyer the tracking platform with the largest installation base.
      4. AppsFlyer is now measuring more than $500M in mobile ad spend annually.
      5. Powerful API that allows you to be very flexible with YOUR data.
      6. AppsFlyer is integrated with all the major PMD’s.
      7. AppsFlyer is integrated with more than 300 ad-networks.
      8. Powerful analytics dashboard and APIs.
      9. Support Facebook call to action ads.
      10. Retargeting support with multiple providers including all major players and Google Adwords.
      11. Totally unbiased and trusted by partners and advertisers for CPA campaigns.
      12. AppsFlyer protects your most valuable app data. With data policy, you own the data and we will never share/sell to anyone without your permission.
  • What are AppsFlyer’s costs?

Our pricing model is aligned with your campaigns volume. You don’t pay for clicks, in-app events, app opens, organic traffic. You pay only for publishers/non-organic installs.

API’s, support, migration support, on-boarding are free.

  • Can I migrate just my Facebook campaigns to AppsFlyer?

Yes. This is simple and we will help you with that. Once you will start using AppsFlyer, we are sure that you will migrate all your campaigns to AppsFlyer.

  • Can I use the AppsFlyer SDK with HasOffers SDK?

Yes. Once integrated, all you need to do is to configure Facebook App ID in the AppsFlyer platform to start receiving your campaigns data.


AppsFlyer Team