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Migration for Mobile Marketing Mastery: Interview with Hungama

Nidhi Garg Jul 10, 2019

Hungama Digital Media Entertainment, India’s leading digital entertainment company, recently migrated to AppsFlyer. With massive amounts of data, ongoing marketing projects, and 65M+ monthly users, Hungama’s marketing team had its own set of concerns about migrating from one attribution provider to another. However, the actual process was not only a well-structured program, but a hassle-free experience as well.

Following a successful migration, we interviewed Hungama’s team to get intel on why an attribution platform is integral to their marketing activities and why they chose AppsFlyer.


Please tell us a bit about Hungama’s apps, user base, and mobile marketing efforts.

Hungama Digital Media Entertainment is a leading digital entertainment company in India with a presence across multiple businesses. Among other things, we operate a music streaming service called Hungama Music and a video streaming platform called Hungama Play. We offer over 10 million songs and music videos in 20+ Indian and international languages on Hungama Music. On the other hand, Hungama Play has more than 5,000 English, Hindi, and regional movies; 1,500 short films; and 7,500+ hours of kids and television content in multiple languages, along with over 150,000 short-format videos across genres like music, film, gossip, humor, etc. With over 10M+ downloads on the Google Play Store, Hungama Music is the first Indian music streaming service to integrate music videos within the same platform.

Additionally, we are also the only music and video streaming service to offer our users a rewards program, called Hungama Rewards. This allows users to earn points for every action they take on our platform and then redeem these for our premium products.

We rely heavily on digital campaigns to retain customers. Our key focus is to sustain and scale the Hungama brand through acquisition and retention-based mobile campaigns.


“Data is crucial in day-to-day decision making and it is important to have access to precise information. AppsFlyer’s dashboards help us access data with ease and this, in turn, aids us in making well-informed decisions.” – Siddhartha Roy, COO, Hungama Digital Media



How have you used mobile attribution to forward your marketing efforts? What challenges does attribution solve for you?

One of the key challenges that we were facing was the inability to get clean data across all of our media spends. This data was crucial in making informed strategic decisions and improving our engagement and retention rates.

Using AppsFlyer’s APIs, we joined the attribution and marketing analytics data with our internal data platforms. All the acquisition-related raw data was pushed to our own BI systems, which assisted us in timely reporting and rapid optimization of our campaigns in real-time. Furthermore, the data helped us visualize the usage trends, which served as a valuable source of information for our marketing teams.

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What were your reasons for deciding to migrate to AppsFlyer?

In India, AppsFlyer is a known name in the OTT space and offers dynamic and custom reporting dashboards, which make it easier to understand user behavior. Their dashboards, and add-on features like Audiences, aided in decision making.


Please share a bit about your experiences since making the decision to migrate to AppsFlyer. How have you found the migration process, the support, the product?

We are quite happy with the entire experience. The transition was smooth, well-structured, and did not hinder our marketing efforts.


We are glad Hungama saw a change in the quality, breadth, and accuracy of data collected from their apps. AppsFlyer continues to support and aid Hungama’s marketing team in their day-to-day activities.


“The migration process at AppsFlyer was well-structured. Our marketing efforts continued unhindered during the migration process. The support provided by the customer success team also made the transition smooth.”
– Amit Pathak, AGM – Consumer Growth, Hungama Digital Media