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AppsFlyer Delivering Impression-Level Ad Revenue Reporting

Danielle Nissan Danielle Nissan May 21, 2019

Today, we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with MoPub for impression level ad revenue reporting, providing AppsFlyer’s marketers with granular ad revenue data to calculate true ROI and build accurate LTV models.

Data accuracy and granularity is key for app marketers. One of the main challenges with monetization models is that most of the data is aggregated and analyzed as one total sum. It is very difficult to gather granular insights from your in-app ads; this lack of visibility can potentially hurt your user acquisition campaigns and ultimately your business strategy. For the most part, ad networks provide advertisers with an average CPM on a regional or placement level – a far cry from user-level insights. Advertisers are then tasked with creating an accurate LTV goal from different datapaths, and then expected to execute user acquisition campaigns based on that averaged out partial data.

“Attribution data is the source of crucial decisions, and having a clear understanding of the precision of the data is as important as having precise data itself. A false sense of data accuracy could lead to bad business decisions and suboptimal results. MoPub’s impression-level revenue data product enables marketers to have visibility into data precision with the goal of acquiring users more intelligently and profitably.”- Elad Mashiach, AppsFlyer’s VP of Partner Development.


Granular Ad Revenue Data at Your Fingertips

Our collaboration with MoPub will provide advertisers and publishers with revenue data associated with each ad impression, as well as information about which demand sources were able to fill and display an ad. The data will be fueled in real-time and attributed by AppsFlyer along with impression-level revenue reporting, procuring a panoramic view of your LTV and ROI, throughout the AppsFlyer Dashboards.

This is Just the Beginning

Data is only useful if you have a good way to view it, analyze it and act on it.

Being able to collect your ad revenue across different sources and centralize it into a coherent, centralized view is our ultimate goal and we have much more in store to ensure that becomes a reality.

As part of that promise, going forward, channels, networks, and even specific campaigns that previously calculated a specific ROI, will look entirely different once factored in the proper ad revenue into the ROI calculation.

Thanks to the new collaboration, app marketers working with MoPub can now turn this granular impression-level data into actionable insights within AppsFlyer; and augment in-app purchases (IAP) revenue data to create a comprehensive picture of their total revenue impacting their business KPIs.

We are ecstatic to work more closely together with our friends at MoPub and service our mutual clients.

To learn more about what you can do with AppsFlyer and MoPub impression-level revenue data solution, talk to your Success Manager or schedule your AppsFlyer Demo today.