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Breaking Down MWC

Avatar Florence Broder Mar 10, 2016

Last time we sat with Ayelet Glauberman, the AppsFlyer Events Extraordinaire outlined strategies for making the most of a trade show event in order to make your app shine. Well now she’s back from the Mobile World Congress, which can easily be touted as “the mother of all events” in the mobile in industry with over 100,000 attendees.

This year’s AppsFlyer booth was a bit unconventional–it was a two floor cafe. At any point in time visitors could grab a cup of coffee or croissant, chat with an AppsFlyer representative about the business and industry, and receive their own personalized giveaways. Plus there were daily happy hours and a massive night party.

Some have asked why we attempted this huge undertaking. What were we thinking? Ayelet is here to break it down once again.

What are some of the primary considerations you thought about when preparing for MWC?

Ayelet: “MWC is like any other event, with similar KPIs. I’m always looking  to achieve the maximum ROI, which in this case means business leads, connections and meetings. It was important to everyone that the “AppsFlyer Cafe” would facilitate these goals. We all realize that sitting with a prospect at MWC isn’t going to close the deal, but is rather laying the foundation for a long-term relationship. Similarly, meetings with current clients are meant to strengthen existing relationships.

Takeaway: Think about what you want to achieve before you start planning your booth: what are the quantitative and qualitative goals you want to achieve — and motivate the team in order to achieve those objectives.  

So how did the AppsFlyer Cafe booth at MWC facilitate these relationships?

Ayelet: “Take Starbucks for instance. The relaxed cafe atmosphere takes people out of their big city
Ωrush and instantly puts them at ease. Relaxed patrons don’t feel pressured and don’t feel like they are negotiating in a boardroom before closing a deal. This setting provides prospects with a comfortable way to get acquainted with their point of contact in a stress-free environment. Our booth was designed to hold as many meetings as possible while ensuring a chilled atmosphere.

At the same time, our open design invited walk-in traffic. Honestly, thinking back on that week, I can’t remember a moment when the booth was empty. There was constant foot traffic and no one wanted to leave.

Takeaway: Always ensure that attendees leave your booth with a positive feeling,

What were some other important elements that went into the booth design?

Ayelet: “Besides ensuring that the booth was conducive to meetings, a lot of thought went into the swag, collateral and messaging. You have such a small window of opportunity to communicate what your company is all about. Booth visitors should be able to “get it” quickly. There is no doubt in my mind that every person who passed through our booth got it. Whether it was from our slogan, to our library of materials to the framed logos spotlighting our numerous high-profile customers, our core messaging was visually communicated.”

“Then there’s the swag. We gave away branded t-shirts as well as personalized notebooks. Anybody could have their photo taken, printed and pasted on their notebook. This simple act transformed the notebook from a regular ol’ notepad y into a souvenir by imbuing it with an emotional connection. Hats and pens just don’t cut it. This also ensured that people stayed longer, helping to generate additional foot traffic.

“Finally but no less important, my colleagues released the Performance Index in honor of the event, which has become a reliable source of up-to-date information in our industry worldwide.  It generated tons of interest and everyone wanted a copy. We designed a coffeehouse library into the booth so we could highlight the Performance Index as well as our other marketing collateral we distributed via USB. We made sure our takeaway materials were lightweight, because no one wants to carry anything heavy around.”

Takeaway: Simplify your booth’s messaging and find ways that swag can connect with visitors in unique, personal ways.


How did you engage people digitally around MWC?

Ayelet: “Like any great effort, it takes an amazing team to build something truly unique. Our designers and communications team all contributed weeks in advance to build a truly all-encompassing communications plan. Our PR was timed perfectly, generating strong press coverage around our Performance Index the Friday before MWC, which  continued during and after the event. Leading up to MWC, there was a tremendous push from the entire team to schedule meetings, connect with prospects and reignite old friendships at our booth and parties. We invited prospects to book meetings with our teams online, so they were guaranteed a spot. Our social media and community efforts also did an amazing job promoting our booth and parties and driving engagement around our Performance Index. Lastly, as a global events manager, I have to give a strong shoutout to our amazing partners. Working together, we threw the best party at MWC.”

I started this off by saying that it takes a village. And with an event this big, it really took an amazing team effort to make everything run as smoothly as it did. Thank you guys!

Takeaway: Use a holistic 360-degree plan that leverages the value of all your team members, attendees and industry relationships for maximum performance.

What about the other activities you facilitated during MWC?

Tradeshows are about networking and mingling. As an exhibitor, you need to be a catalyst for these social interactions. This is another way to communicate your brand values and generate traffic.

We did this in two ways:

  • Hosting our Game On party on the first evening an amazing offsite venue
  • Hosting a happy hour at our booth on the 2nd and 3rd days of the event

Both of these activities provided visitors with a fun social interaction while building  brand associations. During the happy hours, our booth was jam-packed as people came to drink and dance. This once again helped to maintain the ongoing flow of traffic to our booth.

Takeaway: Plan supporting events to help you achieve your KPIs and create an emotional connection with your brand. You want your brand to be associate with a feel-good vibe to make your product more attractive.

To get a sense of what life was like at the AppsFlyer booth, check out this time lapse video below.