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New! The 2016 ‘Getting Started With Mobile Attribution’ Guide is Out

Avatar Shani Rosenfelder Apr 27, 2016

As a company that lives and breathes mobile attribution, it always comes as a surprise to realize just how many marketers out there are just getting started with mobile marketing in general and mobile marketing measurement in particular.

After our 2015 edition of the Beginner’s Guide generated over 3,000 leads that kept on coming in 2016, we decided to update the guide so that marketers who are at the early stages can get off on the right [most up-to-date] foot. After all, the 2015 guide was written over a year ago and we all know that a year in mobile marketing is like 20 human years…

To make it complete, we’ve added more topics (i.e. attribution windows, fraud, in-app events) and removed other more advanced topics which will be covered in a new guide for advanced marketers we’ll soon publish.

In the meantime, you are welcome to download the new guide to better understand the exciting playing field of mobile attribution.