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New Collaboration with Google Delivers Improved Measurement

Elad Mashiach May 18, 2017

Google is one of the top performance media sources for mobile advertisers, driving both high-quality app installs and scale for nearly all of the top marketers around the world. We are proud to share that as of this morning, we have formalized our cooperation with Google. Together with Google, we have streamlined every element of the integration to make it smoother, faster and easier for both marketers and agencies to set up, measure and improve their performance.

Streamlined and Simplified Google Configurations
Whereas configuring Google AdWords integrations used to involve multiple steps, with custom configurations and attribution links, the new setup is streamlined and straightforward, making it far easier for both advertisers and agencies to set up, measure and optimize their integrations.

Streamlined Data Sync
We have also enhanced the AppsFlyer <> Google in-app events mappings with automated mappings across AppsFlyer and Google default in-app events. By making it easier than ever to sync your rich in-app engagement data, advertisers can improve their user acquisition, audience targeting, and retargeting campaigns quickly and easily.

Campaign Level Measurement
This cooperation also enables campaign-level measurement across a range of Google properties for both marketers and agencies. By measuring campaign performance in a single view, marketers gain a better understanding of their Google-driven user acquisition efforts, install quality, media spend, user revenue and in-app ad revenue, campaign level ROI, retention and uninstall rates.

Building On a Strong Relationship
As an App Attribution Partner, we will continue to offer advertisers many of the latest Google app measurement offerings as soon as they are available, bringing the newest innovations to marketers around the world.

Today’s news is the next step in our long-standing relationship with Google. Over the past five years, the powerful combination of Google’s mobile marketing channels and AppsFlyer’s attribution and advanced analytics has provided marketers with innovative opportunities to better measure, target and maximize their performance. By measuring everything — from app installs, engagement, revenue and uninstalls — and enabling comprehensive bi-directional data-sync for targeting and audience development and optimization, these integrations empower marketers with the insights, tools and reach they need to better understand and optimize their overall performance and omnichannel ROI.

Moving forward, the team here at AppsFlyer and our friends at Google will continue to innovate together, providing marketers with the best solutions in the market.