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Ninja Metrics and AppsFlyer Measure the Value of Social Ties

Avatar Ran Avrahamy Mar 04, 2015

We are excited to announce that Ninja Metrics, the advanced predictive analytics company, is now working with AppsFlyer, the robust mobile ad attribution platform you’ve come to depend on, to bring developers a new way of measuring the value of social connections.

Social ValueTM gives developers a more accurate view of their most influential — and therefore most valuable — users, known as Social WhalesTM. These Social WhalesTM are the big decision makers in your app, and their spending creates a virtual ripple effect throughout your user base.

With our mobile measurement platform, attribution and analytics app marketers, brands and agencies are empowered to measure mobile user acquisition across all media sources. Ninja Metrics adds a social dimension into the equation with their True Ad ValueTM metric, a more accurate value of ad attribution based on player influence. True Ad ValueTM is based on Ninja’s extensive research and development of Social ValueTM, which measures the monetary value of social connections.

“There’s a lot of noise in the ad industry around attribution, but Ninja Metrics’ True Ad ValueTM is the only tool on the market that takes into account social factors for ad spend. With this partnership with AppsFlyer, we hope that developers can realize the true ROI of their ad spend and make smarter marketing decisions because of it,” said Dmitri Williams, CEO and co-founder of Ninja Metrics.

“We are excited to be able to include Ninja Metrics in our growing partner network. The power of our mobile attribution with their social insights is a recipe for success for app developers. The ROI from social influencers is often difficult to measure and we’re happy to augment our platform with this dimension,” Ben Roodman AppsFlyer’s Director of Business Development in the US.