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OneLink Now Does More!

Matan Tessler Apr 27, 2015

The deeplinking solution you’ve come to depend on for your custom media sources just got even better. OneLink has always been able to attribute installs and more from mediums like email, social media and QR codes.

However, we heard your requests and so our stellar developers made even more improvements on this very smart link.

Drumroll Please…

OneLink now can support apps in a variety of new stores:

  • Windows Store: Now you can configure OneLink to track any app in the Windows Store
  • Any iOS device: If you have separate apps for the iPhone and the iPad you can now track them separately
  • Amazon Store: Configure OneLink to track apps for the Kindle Fire
  • Out of Store Android Apps: If you’ve opted to promote your Android apps in other stores besides Google Play, your OneLink will now be able to track it

How to Make it Happen

It’s really easy, just visit your OneLink settings and complete the fields with the app ID or URL and you’re ready to go!


Other Great Updates

  • Send users to alternative  landing pages besides the app stores for iOS & Android:
    • iOS: Use the “af_ios_url” parameter
    • Android: Use the “af_android_url” parameter (Please note that this replaces the “af_android_store” parameter)
  • Forcing Chrome deeplink without attribution: Currently we limit Chrome to always redirect to the Play Store, ignoring deeplink. In case a client wants to use deeplink without attribution it is possible to add to the URL the ‘af_force_dp’ parameter. Example: http://go.onelink.me/Loginbox?af_force_dp=true

Check out our knowledge base for more information on OneLink.