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Do’s and Don’ts for Optimizing UA & Performance Ad Campaigns [MAMA Minute]

Avatar Shani Rosenfelder Nov 11, 2020
In our MAMA Minute at Home, AppsFlyer’s short interview video project featuring leading mobile marketing experts sharing their best practices, tips, and insights on the app marketing landscape, all from the comfort of their home.
Today on MAMA Minute at Home, Arseniy Alikhanov from Google joins us from Moscow to answer app developers’ top burning questions and shares his winning tips and insights on how to maximize the success of your app marketing campaigns. Don’t worry, that cat wasn’t hurt during filming! #MAMAKnowsBest,



Hi, I’m Arseniy Alikhanov

And this is Dusya

I work in Google’s Moscow Office, helping developers develop their apps, mostly videogames

“Can you name the main characteristic of successful app developers?”

I think it’s all about having a strategy

It allows them to make major decisions

And helps employees to understand where their company is going

Enjoy your meal

Come on, we’ll wait

We’re at home, and there’s no particular rush here

“How do you get high-quality users?”

Well, I won’t tell you about the other platforms

In Google Ads we’re currently beta testing the optimization products for the return of advertising investment

ROAS or Target ROAS

It shows quite encouraging results

I recommend you test it if you have the opportunity

And I hope it will soon be available publicly

In technical detail: you will need to integrate Firebase

If you still don’t have it

“What are the main mistakes that app and game developers make?”

One of the common mistakes is not testing new creatives

Creatives tend to burn out

And the market is quite saturated, so you need to develop new creatives

You need to test new concepts and new versions of existing creatives

Therefore it’s necessary to have new creatives, it is really important

“What advice would you give to developers who recently started app marketing?”

Where do I start…

Where do I start…

I’d recommend starting with data

Implement an analytics system, attribution provider…

View the main metrics such as CPI, LTV, Retention.

Check where your economy converges

Based on all this you can scale advertising companies

“What recommendations do you have for working with creatives?”

It’s pretty simple

The main thing is to have a lot of creatives

Different orientation, different length, different concepts

Don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works for you

“What are your thoughts on retargeting?”

Retargeting is a great tool, especially for non-gaming applications

Although videogames, especially the hardcore ones, are starting to use it more and more

Firebase… Oh-ho-ho. Firebase-Firebase

I think that’s it