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AppsFlyer Launches ‘AppsFlyer for Agencies’ Solution

Avatar Florence Broder Jun 12, 2014

NEW YORK–June 12, 2014 –According to a study by Ovum for the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), fewer than 50% of 300 surveyed leading US marketers use media buying agencies for their mobile advertising due to a lack of mobile expertise (, slide 19).

In order to enable ad agencies to provide their clients with mobile media buying expertise to optimize campaigns based on a range of performance metrics including ROI, mobile attribution analytics provider AppsFlyer is launching ‘AppsFlyer for Agencies.’

As a mobile advertising monitoring solution and a Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner, AppsFlyer provides real-time mobile app measurement and campaign analytics that allows both ad agencies and advertisers to manage, measure and optimize mobile marketing.

Jeremy Siegel, Supervisor, Digital Investment & Mobile Strategy at OMD: “The ability to measure attribution across paid social, network and publisher partners, plus a simple cost-structure that doesn’t force us to ration out performance metrics, made the decision to use AppsFlyer a no-brainer. So far, their SDK has worked flawlessly and the Appsflyer team has provided incredible support.”

“AppsFlyer simplifies mobile marketing for agencies, freeing them from complex integrations and multiple SDK updates,” says AppsFlyer CEO Oren Kaniel. “We allow them to focus on their growth targets with the best tools designed especially for the mobile environment.”

Susan Doherty, Chief Marketing Officer at Hipmunk: “AppsFlyer have been a pleasure to work with. They are responsive to requests for new features and publisher integrations. Their analytics dashboard is fast, intuitive and much easier to use than those of their competitors. We look forward to leveraging AppsFlyer for Agencies!”

AppsFlyer for Agencies:

  • Provides access to over 450 sources of traffic to ensure each campaign reaches its intended target audience
  • Enables accurately monitoring and measuring campaign Return On Investment (ROI), Lifetime Value (LTV) and Payback period
  • Allows finding the most profitable channels for each campaign and adjusting budgets based on real results in real-time
  • Facilitates optimizing the entire mobile customer acquisition process across multiple channels, including Social, Ad Networks, Search, Discovery Platforms, Organic and more
  • Supports managing mobile retargeting and re-engagement campaigns

The AppsFlyer mobile app campaign measurement platform is now monitoring mobile campaigns at an annual run rate of $500M in mobile ad spend. The company is now measuring at a run rate of 1.8 Billion mobile app installs annually.

“We’re seeing mobile app developers, brands and agencies devote an increasing share of their marketing budgets to mobile user acquisition and retention. With AppsFlyer’s NativeTrack technology, agencies and advertisers have the transparency and the data they need to make smart and profitable media buys,” said Oren Kaniel, CEO of AppsFlyer.