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Product Updates: Windows Phone SDK Release & More!

Avatar Matan Tessler May 11, 2015

No feature is too big or too small for our R&D team to take on, especially if it means that our clients will have better and more accurate data in their dashboards. In this round up, you’re sure to find a feature to help your productivity.

Windows Phone SDK (Beta)

We’re happy to announce the beta release of the our new SDK for the Windows Phone. Now you can measure and attribute all your apps in the Windows Phone store.

For our integration guide, check out our knowledge base.

Your SDK is Shrinking!

Some of your users have maxed out the memory on their phone. With that in mind, we’ve been able to shrink the size of our SDK to 870KB for iOS and 46KB for Android, making it one the smallest SDKs on the market.

Report Updates

We know that our clients love pouring over their aggregated reports. We added two new reports “Geo by Date” and “Partners by Date”, to provide you with another cut of your data. These reports are accessible from your AppsFlyer dashboard (see below) and the Pull API.

For more assistance, check out these articles in our knowledge base:


Facebook and Twitter Rich-In App Events

First we added rich in-app events to our SDK. Now we’ve made your targeting on Facebook and Twitter campaigns even more precise. You can now run campaigns not only based on the event name, but the data from the event. This will make your audience targeting more precise.  For instance, Campaigns can target users who purchased a specific product and spent X number of dollars.

CPA (Cost Per Action) Campaigns

And we have a great feature for our network partners! Now you can configure a link not to send an install postback, but only send downstream in-app event postbacks. Networks will no longer have deduplicate postbacks.

Visit our knowledge base for more information on how to configure the links.