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Put Your Tech Career in Turbo

Avatar Sep 28, 2015

There are many open positions for developers today, at least in Israel. Some of these opportunities are from very good companies actually. Many of these successful startups are using high-end technologies and also have nice offices. So what’s so special about AppsFlyer? Why should you come to be part of our R&D team?


We use many different languages — Clojure for backend services, Scala to work with Spark, Javascript for the front-end code, C++ for some network utilities, Python for our production scripts, Java and Objective-C for the mobile SDK.

Working with a high scale, distributed systems is very challenging. We learned over time to do it very well: to select the right technologies and to deploy major architecture changes to production while serving our clients. This is the best place to learn how to work with continuous deployment, how to keep changing the system while maintaining our amazing up-time.

Technologies like Spark, Kafka, Couchbase, Redis, Docker and many more on the backend, and React, Browserify and many more in the front-end side.


It’s About the People

Amazing, thriving, smart people want to work with people that they can learn from. This is why we always bring the best talent, who are highly skilled, technology-savvy, with a passion to do the best possible work. Team members want to continue learning and trying new things. New challenges don’t concern them, but rather make them excited.
In addition, we are very much involved with the Israeli Development community. Hosting our own meetup group for monthly coding sessions — “Coding with AppsFlyer.” We also contribute our code as open source to the community, to give back from our experience and time. Things like “af-mojito” and “af-iocluster.”

“Release It!”

We live, breath and eat production. Each team is responsible for its services from cradle to grave. It ReleaseIt
means that you don’t only develop the code, you also make sure it is “production-worthy,” you upload it to
production, monitor it and scale it. “Production at your finger

“Cake-Driven Development”

AKA “If you break the production, you have to bring a cake…”

Many years of experience have taught me that things can go wrong — traffic can go up and down drastically, network and hardware failures might occur, and yes, even the best-tested code can have bugs. By hiring the best people and training them well, they constantly learn from mistakes and improve.

We are not happy with mistakes that break the production, but we know it happens. There is important rule — if you break the production, you have to bring a cake.Of course, alcohol is also good.


It’s ok if all you care about is continuing what you already know. But if you are looking to get real life experience with cutting-edge technologies, learning from the best and growing your career to its next technology step, this is the right place for you. AppsFlyer can be your fantasy camp.

Working in an extremely fast growing successful company if a unique experience. It puts things in turbo mode. Traffic growth, new markets, and the career opportunities it brings along are unexpected.

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