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Reflections On Market Leadership

Avatar Ran Avrahamy Jan 10, 2017

Looking at the latest numbers, I could not be prouder of our growth here at AppsFlyer. With five independent studies, including the recent Mobbo report showing that AppsFlyer is the clear market leader in mobile attribution and marketing analytics, there has been a lot going right lately. Between DeviceRank and Custom Dashboards, Ad Revenue Attribution and Cost and ROI Reporting across nearly 50 networks, the world’s smartest advertisers look to AppsFlyer to attribute their mobile installs and in-app activity, leveraging their data-driven insights to improve their performance. This is an incredible honor, and we thank our clients and partners for helping us reach this milestone. APPSFLYER MARKET LEADER - CHART
Plato once said that man can be measured by how he uses his power. I would like to share a bit of insight into how we at AppsFlyer view our position in the market, and where we intend to take this industry. First, leadership in this space has not come easily. We have worked hard, investing heavily in technology innovation and scalability. We have focused on ensuring our customer’s success through both data-driven insights and best-in-class support. Furthermore, as we have scaled we have stayed true to our roots, building a business we are proud to stand behind, both personally and professionally.

The mobile landscape is shifting dramatically, and as market leaders, we have a responsibility to our clients, partners, and the broader ecosystem to help deliver clarity in this sea of change. While market standardization has led to mergers and acquisitions, these changes have reverberated across mobile advertising economics. Similarly, evolving mobile user behavior and customer expectations have been met by fresh advances in marketing strategy and a new generation of marketing technology. With all of this change, savvy businesses recognize that mobile’s critical mass offers unprecedented economic opportunity, and they need a new class of attribution and measurement capabilities to navigate these rapid waters. As the attribution authority, we are tasked with not only providing the day-to-day attribution and analytics solutions that mobile businesses demand, but with helping steer our industry forward.

On a weekly basis, we meet with leading mobile businesses, ad networks, technology providers and industry organizations to help shape our space and create a strong, vibrant and clean mobile business ecosystem. This is one of the reasons why we chose to participate in over 250 events around the world in 2016. The face-time and personal conversations span everything from common industry issues such as the ideal attribution lookback windows to advanced discussions with far-reaching implications — such as the impact of mobile fraud on our space and how best to detect and address this challenge. We treasure these conversations and relationships and are proud of our contributions to the industry. We are far from done.  

Thank you to the thousands of marketers and partners who helped make AppsFlyer the market leader in 2016. 2017 promises to be even more exciting. Here’s to an amazing year, and an even better one to come.