How to get people to engage with your Facebook ads

Welcome to the twenty seventh edition of MAMA Boards, an AppsFlyer video project featuring leading mobile marketing experts on camera.

For today’s mini whiteboard master class, we have Annica Lin, Associate Director of Paid Acquisition Innovation for Policygenius, an insurance company that helps you buy and compare life insurance easily.

Maintaining steady engagement with your mobile ads to later drive installs and purchases is not always straightforward or easy. That’s especially true given Facebook’s shift to three new engagement metrics: quality ranking, engagement, and conversion rate. Annica breaks down what these metrics mean, as well as how to create your new Facebook ads around them in order to get the most clicks and the greatest return on your ad investment. 

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Hi, welcome to the latest edition of MAMA Boards by AppsFlyer. My name is Annica Lin, and I’m addicted to user acquisition. I used to work at Stash for two years as a Senior Acquisition Manager. Now, I work at Policygenius, an insurance company that helps you buy and compare life insurance easily.

Today, we are going to talk about how to get people to engage with your Facebook ads.


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Why is engagement important?

So why is engagement important? This March, Facebook brought out a new ad policy: they retired Ad Relevancy and replaced it with three new metrics, which are quality ranking, engagement rate, and conversion rate.

Quality ranking is about the quality of your landing page or your app store after a user clicks. Engagement includes clicks, comments, shares, and likes. Finally, conversion rate… well, it’s straightforward.

why is ad engagement important

Practically, how do you get people to click on your ads and improve your engagement rate? 

So how do you get people to click on your ads and improve your engagement rate? There are two main important components. The first one is audience, and the second one is ads.

So for the audience, there are three main types of targeting: Interest targeting, behavioral targeting, and demographic targeting.

For interest targeting, you have to make sure that your ad is something your audience is actually interested in. That’s the reason they want to click on your ads, after all.

For behavioral targeting, you have to be relevant, you have to know what your audience is looking for, what they want to buy, maybe their life stage, you know. That’s important for reflecting what they might need to protect their family, for example; as a life insurance company, we need to know about that.

Third is demographic targeting. So if you are targeting millennials, you cannot just observe what old people are looking for, right?

So you have to be very specific with these three buckets in order to make your ads interesting.

how to get people to click on your facebook ads

What components make up the most appealing ads? 

Now, let’s talk about how to make appealing ads. When it comes to ads, there are four components: image, headline, description, and call to action.

I want to talk about image first. In the image itself, color pattern is important. These four colors, based on research, actually can encourage people to want to buy more. Red, blue, yellow, green. Think about Google, what’s the color of the logo? It’s red, blue, yellow, green.

Look at your Slack. What’s the color of the logo? The same. So color is definitely important.

The second important component of images is the placement of the object. If you have many different objects placed all throughout the image, it is going to be much harder to catch people’s attention. The best placement is at the center of the image; it should grab people’s attention immediately. And you know, obviously, you have to use an eye-catching image because that’s better optimized for social.

Lastly, you can test different background colors. So when I worked at Stash, we had this one ad image (seen on the board), but how did we make it interesting? We created different versions with different background colors or different lifestyle images. That’s how you, too, can make iterations on your image.

what is a good facebook ad image

So now let’s move on to the headline. This is a rule that I like to use for my ads: it’s okay to be a little bit click bait-y, to be honest.

With that, I like to use something like intriguing question to trigger people to click on my ads.

And then, also, I would test is using some negative words. I know people always try to avoid negative words, but sometimes if you throw in a tasteful few, it actually works. Here is the example of my headline, “Don’t buy until you see this offer.” If you were a user, you might ask, “What’s the offer?” You might even want to click on the offer, right? So it works.

what is a good facebook ad headline

Okay. Now let’s move on to description. So these are four things I like to try when I use my description.

First thing is to try to keep it short and sweet, right? You don’t want to people come only to read an article on your ads. It has to be one sentence, two at the most. Get to the point.

The second tip is to match your visual. It might go without saying, but you don’t want to be saying something in your description that’s different than whatever the image represents or conveys.

The third tip is use a strong sense of humor, the best one in my opinion actually. When people see your ad is funny, they are probably more inclined to want to click on your ads.

The fourth tip is to sometimes throw in a sense of urgency like, “Limited time offer,” for whichever day or time frame, whatever you need.

And then the last tip on description is to use some call to action in the description, as well as an additional call to action button below.

what is a good facebook ad description

The last element of a compelling Facebook ad I want to talk about is a call-to-action, although there’s not too much you can do because Facebook already has their own setup. You don’t really have a lot of flexibility for it.

However, I would just say that you should first choose a relevant call to action for your goal. Maybe you wanted to get people to buy more or signup. It all depends on your marketing goals. After that, you will need to test different call-to-actions for the same ads. Maybe people will respond to “Get offer” better than “Buy now.” So you have to just test, test, and test.

what is a good facebook ad call to action

That’s it for today.

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