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With security and privacy embedded into the fiber of our technology, you can confidently entrust your mobile measurement data with us.


The world’s leading financial companies already do.

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    Easily determine which users engage with your app, how they are using your app and what revenue they generate with unlimited rich in-app events.

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    Measure user engagement across devices and platforms, whether your users are using their desktop or mobile web to log in to your service. Discover user behavior trends throughout the funnel, from the initial touchpoint all the way to conversion and beyond.

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    Discover which campaigns drive the strongest user re-engagement versus re-attribution, click and conversion rates, eCPI, revenue generated, new in-app engagement and more.

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    Push your data directly to your organization's BI systems with AppsFlyer's powerful APIs, or pull raw and aggregate data reports. It's your data, however you want it, 24/7.

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Connect the dots from web to app

Leverage your brand’s strong web presence to drive converted users to the app. Measure engagement on web, mobile web and app and optimize the user journey to its final destination. Create a smooth transition with Smart Banners, a sophisticated deep link that drives users to the right place in the app, every time.

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Finance is the #1 industry hit by fraud

In the financial services app industry, over 36% of finance app downloads are fraudulent, costing app owners upwards of $19B per year in ad spend.

In this perilous game of cat and mouse, fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Protect your business against ad fraud with AppsFlyer’s enterprise-grade fraud protection now.

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Put your attribution data in the right hands

Handling and processing data is a momentous responsibility, and we don’t take it lightly. Our products are designed with security and privacy at the forefront, with a dedicated security and privacy team involved from the earliest stages of development. When attribution is put in the wrong hands, disaster strikes.

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Optimize based on dynamic audiences segmentation 

Segment audiences based on specific in-app events (e.g. Completed Registration, Linked Bank Account, Set Up Recurring Payment) to re-engage existing users and drive them down the relevant funnel. Choose focus audiences for your campaigns, and identify pre-qualitifed or existing qualified users to provide them with upsell options. 

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Create seamless user experiences throughout the funnel

Create a single, and powerful deep link that sends every user to the optimal in-app location, from sources across every possible OS, channel and platform. Tested across 12K fringe cases, OneLink, the industry most advanced deep linking solution works seamlessly on emails, SMS, social posts, paid ads, user invites, referrals and more.

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Attribution is the cornerstone of marketing, and accuracy is the foundation of how decisions are made. AppsFlyer's holistic approach to mobile measurement and clear market leadership made the decision simple to make a long term commitment with AppsFlyer.

Deepak Abbot, Sr. Vice President

Your data in your hands

Your data is your data, fully within your control. Choose the API that works for your organization’s needs and get easy, 24/7 access to aggregate and raw data, whenever you need it. Analyze ad performance, in-app activity and fraud based on real-time data. Sync your data with the BIs and analytics tools of your choice.

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Credit Karma relies on AppsFlyer as its single source of truth

Learn how Credit Karma utilizes AppsFlyer’s mobile attribution solution to engage users in all stages of the funnel.


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