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The State of App Engagement [Data Study]

In today’s app marketing ecosystem, the install is no longer the most important KPI marketers optimize against. An app download is an important stage in the funnel, but focus has shifted from quantity to quality, from acquisition to engagement. The goal: Getting users to engage with an app over time and in a meaningful way so that they can be properly monetized.

To help marketers optimize towards this goal, AppsFlyer’s The State of App Engagement offers detailed engagement benchmarks for:

  • Retention rates
  • Average sessions per daily active users
  • Cross-funnel conversion rates
  • Lifetime engagement

The report includes a breakdown by platform, category and region. It is the most comprehensive study of its kind to date covering billions of data points across the second half of 2016.

The following shows a global platform comparison of non-organic, cross-funnel conversion rates.

These numbers tell us that, overall, monetizing users via in-app purchases – especially non-organic ones – is challenging. On average, fewer than 2% of installers for a given app end up making in-app purchases. Also, the data shows that non-organic Android users are slightly more engaged earlier in the funnel, while non-organic iOS users are more engaged lower in the funnel.

As such, mobile marketers need to focus on the buying users and understand exactly which channels, media sources, publishers, campaigns and even creative variations delivered these users. For category and regional data, as well as many other app engagement insights, download the full report below.

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