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Drive user acquisition and make smarter marketing decisions with attribution data you can trust.

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Understand and optimize every user journey across devices

People based attribution for business and productivity apps

Your users aren’t just in your app. With people-based attribution you can create meaningful and contextual user journeys at every point of the funnel and accurately measure engagement, no matter where users interact with your brand.

Protect your marketing activities and ad spend from mobile fraud

Nearly 30% of all business and productivity app downloads are fraudulent. Good thing that we have the tools to keep you safe. With an unmatched scale AppsFlyer offers the industry’s most advanced protection.

fraud prevention AppsFlyer for business and productivity apps
security and privacy - AppsFlyer for business and productivity apps

Ensure that your data is protected and your business is compliant

Staying ahead of evolving risks is crucial to the health of your business. By exceeding industry standards for privacy and security, AppsFlyer ensures your data is protected and your business is always compliant.

Use the power of data

  • Extensive UA channel mix

    Integrate with over 6,000 partners

  • Smart retargeting and re-engagement

    Boost retention with personalized campaigns

  • Real-time marketing analytics

    Make more impactful UA decisions

  • Unlimited in-app event measurement

    Understand how users are interacting with your app

  • Precise LTV and ROI reporting

    Uncover quality users to optimize your ad spend

  • Accurate remarketing

    Segment and manage audiences from one place

AppsFlyer Audiences Exclusion Lists

Launch audiences on new networks to maximize your budget

Easily run user acquisition campaigns on new channels without the risk of acquiring existing users by leveraging exclusion lists. This lets you make efficient use of your marketing budget, and improve your acquisition strategy, by only segmenting new users when launching on a new network.

Optimize your ads with unlimited in-app event measurement

How your users interact with your app shouldn’t be guess work. Measure your in-app events and sync them with your preferred ad networks to gain insight into the campaigns and ads that deliver the highest ROI.

In-app events measurement - AppsFlyer for business and productivity apps
attribution data - AppsFlyer for business and productivity apps

Dive deeper into your attribution data

Your data, your way. Gain deep insights into trends and user behaviors with direct access to your raw data. Easily export your raw data to your own BI platform, or use our customized dashboards to provide your teams with the flexibility they need.

AppsFlyer enables us to make informed decisions about our mobile user acquisition activity. Since starting to use AppsFlyer, we've got full visibility into performance against core business objectives like engagement and revenue at a granular level. AppsFlyer has helped us with everything from day-to-day ops for channel managers to reporting to the wider business. And one of the best parts - our CSM feels like another member of the team.

Renee Psomadelis, Mobile Growth Lead

AppsFlyer provides us with accurate, de-duplicated install numbers, and also provides deeper engagement and usage data. We use AppsFlyer to analyse, measure and remarket users. It is a great product and a critical part of our marketing tech stack.