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Power of SKAdnetwork conversion values
Avatar Shani Rosenfelder May 05, 2021
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"Unlocking the power of SKAdNetwork’s conversion values to measure and predict campaign value

SKAdNetwork – Apple’s privacy-centric solution for deterministic attribution in iOS 14 — brings limitations, complexities, and restrictions compared to previous methods of attribution.  Fortunately, there are ways to navigate these challenges to largely retain the ability to measure and predict the value of your acquired users. The key to unlocking value from SKAdNetwork is to…

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Remarketing fraud cover Michel Hayet

Setting sights on remarketing fraud

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Michel Hayet Apr 28, 2021
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Multi-touch attribution guide - featured Michal Wagner

Multi-touch attribution: Success is a journey

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Michal Wagner Apr 19, 2021
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machine learning in digital marketing: the future is now (featured) Michal Wagner

Machine learning in a digital age: The future is now

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Michal Wagner Feb 16, 2021
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